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Position Classification

CHRO-SE offers classification and position management technical expertise that provide timely and accurate advisory services to a variety of USMC commands. The areas advised upon are classifications under the General Schedule (GS), Grades similar to General Schedule (GS), Federal Wage System (FWS), Acquisition Demonstration Project (NH), and Administratively determined (AD).

Position Designation Record, Current and Proposed Organizational Charts (Click here for sample ORG Chart), T/O, Supervisory Determination Sheet (See Fillable Forms), Leader Determination Sheet (See Fillable Forms), Accretion of Duty Sheet (See Fillable Forms),  Statement of Difference for Career Ladder positions.

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is currently under draft.  Please contact the Classification team at


Civilian Human Resources Office SE


Staffing and Recruitment/Classification Section

814 Radford Boulevard, Suite 20319

Building 3010

Albany, Georgia 31704-0319

Phone 229-639-5232/5236/5273/5193/5274/5251

Fax: 229-639-5254


Staffing and Recruitment/Classification

  • Ms. Sherry Beamon, HR Assistant: 229-639-5232

Staffing and Recruitment/Classification Supervisor:

  • Ms. Donna Johnston: 229-639-5251

Staffing and Recruitment Section:

Staffing and Recruitment Specialists:

  • Ms. Lucinda Barnes: 229-639-5273

  • Mr. Darrick Calvin: 229-639-8727

  • Ms. Bridget Price: 229-639-8689

  • Ms. Brandalynn Lott: 229-639-9951

  • Ms. Cleopatra Lee: 229-639-5193

Classification Section:

Classification Specialist:

  • Mr. Jim Fleming: 229-639-5274

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany