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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Readiness Enabler for Operational Forces  •
Mission Statement
Execute the contracting mission for the commanding officer of Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany (including Marine Depot Maintenance Center, Plant Albany) and support assigned requirements from other DOD activities.  Provide support as tasked to Marine Corps contingency operations.  Provide assistance to customers in developing requirements and business strategies to acquire them.   Perform the full range of planning, execution and administration of contractual actions to secure timely and successful delivery or performance.  Exercise functional oversight of contracting operations. 
Contact Information
Contracts Support Office
Howard Bouldin
(229) 639-7130
DSN:  567-7819

If you have any questions about contracting regulations,
policies and procedures click the email icon above and
email us your question.  If you are not satisfied with the
service that is being provided, please click the email icon
below.  We look forward to serving you.

Sherry Gaylor
Director, Contracts Department
P.O. Box 8368, Bldg 1116
Camp Lejuene, NC 28547

(910) 451-7842
DSN:  751-7842