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Radon Assessment


It is the mission of MCLB Albany, in unification with the Navy, Marine Corps, and the Commanding Officer to prioritize the health of its military personnel, civilians, and their families.  Navy Radon Policy instructs all Navy installations to implement Navy Radon Assessment and Mitigation Program (NAVRAMP) worldwide.  US Marine Corps Radon Policy states that all Marine Corps installations must implement all phases of the NAVRAMP.  Under this program MCLB Albany will ensure the proper implementation and measures are taken to protect our health to the fullest.



Navy Radon Assessment and Mitigation Program (NAVRAMP) provides guidance for the implementation of radon-resistant new construction (RRNC), radon testing, radon mitigation, and radon system maintenance activities within all buildings except family housing.  The NAVRAMP overall objective is to test all Navy & Marine Corps Installations worldwide using a sampling protocol that would ensure an overall 95% statistical confidence that no single building would have elevated radon potential.  NAVRAMP is based upon current US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.  Under this program, MCLB Albany conducted a radon assessment with the purpose to test all ground contact, occupied (>4 hours/day) or easily occupiable rooms (vacant room or office space that can be easily converted into occupiable or living space).

Radon test kits were placed in buildings in February 2021.  The detectors were retrieved approximately ten months after they were placed in the buildings with final test results provided in March 2022. Several spaces were identified as meeting the requirement to take corrective action and mitigate radon levels.  The radon mitigation efforts are projected to begin in September 2023 and are expected to be complete by December 2025.

If you have questions about the DON Radon Assessment process, please see the following links:

-Navy Radon Policy (established in Chapter 25, Section 3.2 of OPNAV M-5090.1 (US Navy 2014))

-US Marine Corps Radon Policy (established in Volume 6, Chapter 3, Paragraph 0307 of MCO 5090.2 (11 June 2018)

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For more information about the radon survey, please send your request to


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany