Victim & Witness Assistance Program

Victims and witnesses often face adverse effects from crime. In the Marine Corps, victims and witnesses shall not face the effects of crime alone. The Victims and Witness Assistance Program ensures victims and witnesses are provided with meaningful assistance once a crime is reported. The VWAP is specifically designed to lessen the effects of crime on victims and witnesses and to help them understand and participate in the military justice processes. The military justice system operates to ensure good order and discipline is maintained I the Marine Corps. Without the cooperation of victims and witnesses, the military justice system would cease to function.

The Marine Corps will do all that is possible, within the limits of available resources and the law, to assist victims and witnesses of crime without infringing on the constitutional rights of the accused. Particular attention shall be paid to the victims of violent crimes including, but not limited to, child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault. If you are a victim or witness of a crime, please complete the Initial Information for Victims and Witnesses of Crime brochure (DD Form 2701) or call your unit Victim Witness Assistant Coordinator (VWAC).

Who do I contact for victim and witness assistance at the local level?

At most military installations, the military legal office is the central point of contact for victim and witness assistance. You can call the base, post, or installation legal office and ask for the Victim and Witness Assistance Coordinator. To find information on specific U.S. military installations, go to and select the appropriate military branch.

Are there any state resources for victims and witnesses of crimes?

Yes. Try an Internet search using key words such as VICTIM, WITNESS, ASSISTANCE, and the name of the state or city you want information about. There are also a number of sites that maintain information on state resources as well as internet links to on-line information about state resources. For sites with links to state resources, go to our Related Sites page.

Marine Corps Installations East RVWLO
Maj. Patrick Martin


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany VWLO
Capt. Louis C. Josephs
(229) 639-7414

Blount Island Command VWAP
Tyronne Filer

Logistics Command VWAP
Gunnery Sgt. Troy D. Telford
(229) 639-9816

Staff Judge Advocate
Lt. Col. Christopher M. Hoover 

Assistant Staff Judge Advocate
Capt. Bryan L. Gallian
(239) 639-8099

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Coordinator
Lorain Tascoe-Bey
(843) 228-6904

Marine Family Program Director
Marcus White
(229) 639-7938

Uniform Victim Advocate
Capt. Charles McKenna
(229) 639-5630

Uniform Victim Advocate
Gunnery Sgt. Stephanie N. Cochrane
(229) 639-8574

Victim Witness Assistance Coordinator, Medical Branch
Ryan C. Romer


Victim Witness Assistance Coordinator, PMO
Bobby Henderson


Victim Witness Assistance Coordinator, Civilian
Jacqueline Jenkins


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany