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Defense Travel System (DTS) and (GTCCP) Help Desk


DTS Systems                    CitiBank                  Training 

In-Person Training

Information will be provided as training is scheduled.


Required Training




Authorizing Officials

DTS (Basic) - About DTS

Initial & refresher every 3 years

DTS (Basic) - DTS Travel Documents (DTS 101)

Initial & refresher every 3 years

Programs & Policies - TDY Travel Policies 101

Initial & refresher every 3 years

AO/RO - The DTS Approval Process

Initial & refresher every 3 years

AO/RO - Training for Accountable Officials and Certifying Officers

Initial and yearly refresher


DTS (Basic) - About DTS

Initial & refresher every 3 years

DTS (Basic) - DTS Travel Documents (DTS 101)

Initial & refresher every 3 years

Programs & Policies - TDY Travel Policies 101

Initial & refresher every 3 years

DTS (Basic) - Non-DTS Entry Agent (NDEA)

Initial & refresher every 3 years


DTS (Basic) - About DTS

Initial & refresher every 3 years

DTS (Basic) - DTS Travel Documents (DTS 101)

Initial & refresher every 3 years

Programs & Policies - TDY Travel Policies 101

Initial & refresher every 3 years


Government Travel Charge Card FAQs


Defense Travel Management Office FAQs


General Questions

What is DTS?

The Defense Travel System (DTS) is a fully integrated, automated, end-to-end travel management system that enables DoD travelers to create authorizations (TAD travel orders), prepare reservations, receive approvals, generate travel vouchers, and receive a split reimbursement between their bank accounts and the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC).


Who is supposed to assist me with DTS?

All units have an appointed Organization Defense Travel Administrator (ODTA). They are responsible to assist you in setting up your DTS account, and ensure you receive proper DTS training and support.  MCLB Albany's ODTA is part of the DTS Help Desk and your initial point of contact should you need assistance with DTS.


Why am I getting a login error when I try to log into DTS?

You may just be locked out if you have been detached from your previous DTS organization. If this is the case, your ODTA will need to receive you into your new DTS organization.


How do I check the status of my DTS document?

Click on the view button to open the document. Go to the Sign and Submit tab where you can see the current status of your document and all previously applied stamps.


Can I create a DTS Authorization or Voucher for someone else?

No. Only those appointed to be Non-DTS Entry Agents (NDEAs) or your unit ODTAs can prepare authorizations and vouchers on behalf of another traveler.




What training is required for me to travel?

Training requirements are based on your role. Training certificates must be provided to the DTS Helpdesk ( for record.


Initial training and every 3 years thereafter

DTS (Basic) - About DTS

DTS (Basic) - DTS Travel Documents (DTS 101)

Programs & Policies - TDY Travel Policies 101


 Routing Officials

Initial training and annually thereafter

AO/RO - Training for Accountable Officials and Certifying Officers

Initial training and every 3 years thereafter

DTS (Basic) - About DTS

DTS (Basic) - DTS Travel Documents (DTS 101)

Programs & Policies - TDY Travel Policies 101

AO/RO - The DTS Approval Process


Non-DTS Entry Agents (NDEA)

Initial training and every 3 years thereafter

DTS (Basic) - About DTS

DTS (Basic) - DTS Travel Documents (DTS 101)

Programs & Policies - TDY Travel Policies 101

DTS (Basic) - Non-DTS Entry Agent (NDEA)


Travel Charge Cardholders

Initial training and every 3 years thereafter

Programs & Policies - Travel Card Program (Travel Card 101)


 DTS Profile Questions

How do I update my profile?

A correct DTS profile is the cornerstone of successful travel. Numerous calls are received concerning incorrect information within their profile. There are three ways for you, the traveler, to correct your profile.

 1) Upon creating a new travel authorization, DTS will prompt you to review your profile. Any changes made to this prompt will update your DTS profile and be reflected in the newly created authorization.

 2) If the profile was not corrected at the time the authorization was created, you may update your profile by selecting “Review Profile” followed by “Open Profile.” In order to save to your permanent DTS profile, you must use select that option upon saving.

 3) In the upper right-hand corner next to your name, select the down caret next to your name, then select “My Profile.” Any changes made using this prompt will update your DTS profile.

 There is a how-to guide on the DTMO website for step-by-step instructions.


Authorization Questions

When should I prepare my authorization if I am going TAD?

Your authorization should be done as soon as possible or within 30 days of the TAD trip. This will ensure that the authorization gets routed and approved in time. If the TAD trip involves a flight, the authorization must be approved 72 hours before the trip begins. If not, the reservations will be cancelled. For short notice TAD, (if an authorization is being done within 3 days of the start of the TAD), then the authorization must be approved within 24 hours. If not, the flight reservations will be canceled. Reservations made within 24 hours of departure, DTS will inform you of the deadline for approval before cancellation.


How do I create my Authorization?

There is a “Create New Document” button that you can choose for creating an authorization.  Please use the quick reference DTS Create an Authorization Tri-Fold, the DTS Authorization Guide or contact your unit ODTA for additional assistance.


Can I go on leave as part of my TAD trip (before/during/after)?

Yes, if your Command authorizes it. The leave must be approved in the appropriate payroll system and it must also be reflected in the authorization and voucher.  Leave with travel can get complicated, but to learn basic information, please review our developmental class Leave in Conjunction with Orders (LICWO).  It is best to contact your unit ODTA, consult the JTR and your organization’s leave policy for further information and specific guidelines such as; how to record leave, if a Constructed Travel Worksheet (CTW) is required, etc.…


Am I exempted from paying state taxes for lodging while on TAD?

Several states and cities have exempted Service members and civilian employees from paying a hotel occupancy tax when certain requirements are met.  If you are traveling to a tax-exempt state, there will be a "pop-up" alert in DTS, with a link to the GSA state tax webpage.  You can select the state and the site will let you download the form if it’s needed for that state. There will also be Pre-Audit notification in DTS. 


What if I have to change my reservations?

We all know Murphy’s Law so if you have any changes to your trip and it’s prior to your reservations being ticketed, just amend your authorization, and make the necessary changes then sign it to route it back through for approval.  If it’s already been ticketed or your mid-travel, then you need to contact the TMC directly after you’ve obtained verbal or written approval from your AO.  For more information, please visit the DTMO website.


How do I cancel my authorization?

If you need to cancel a trip that you cannot or did not take, be sure to cancel it correctly.  If you never signed the authorization, simply delete the authorization by selecting the ellipses (3 dots) next to it and choose “Remove Authorization”.  If it was signed or approved, then you need to select “Cancel Trip”.  DO NOT GO INTO THE DOCUMENT AND TRY TO REMOVE ANY RESERVATIONS OR EXPENSES.  If you were charged a TMC fee or have any other reimbursable expenses, then you would use the “with expenses” option and it will create a voucher for you to claim that specific expense.  If you had no expenses, you would select “no expenses incurred” and sign the authorization so it will route to your AO.  Your AO must apply the cancelled stamp before it’s actually cancelled.  We’ve received calls because travelers are still getting emails for unsettled vouchers because the authorization wasn’t fully cancelled.  Ultimately, if you have any questions on this process you need to contact your unit ODTA for assistance.  You can also visit the DTMO website for a Trip Cancel Tri-Fold.


Transportation Questions

Why am I not allowed to buy my own plane ticket through when going TAD?

The JTR mandates that travelers make travel arrangements through an electronic travel system (DTS) when it is available or contact the Travel Management Company (TMC) if it is not available.  Any DoD traveler who cannot reach the TMC must contact the AO or designee for assistance.  (JTR 0102).  Failure to follow this requirement can lead to limited or no airfare reimbursement.

I attempted to book commercial air travel to an OCONUS location.  Why is the Distribution Management Office (DMO) returning my authorization/orders stating I must try to schedule a seat on the Air Mobility Command/Patriot Express?

The primary mode of transportation to an OCONUS location remains the Air Mobility Command/Patriot Express (AMC/PE).  Please review MCO 4600.7A, Chapter 4, Paragraph 3.  Commanders are reminded that no commercial travel will be booked without verifying the AMC-PE allocations have been completely exhausted.  If no AMC-PE flights are available and commercial travel authorized, Commanders must verify vaccination status (MarAdmin 204-22, paragraph 2.a.).

If I am authorized a rental car, what size car can I get?

A compact size rental vehicle is what the JTR 020209 authorizes. Your AO can authorize an alternate vehicle type only if the mission requires it. If you require an alternate vehicle, ensure there is justification on the authorization by the approving official.  If no justification is made, Finance and TECOM will limit the reimbursement to a compact car rate.

Am I able to use my rental vehicle off-road for mission purposes?

When requesting the rental, the traveler must use TMC Assistance and specifically request the type of vehicle needed (i.e. SUV) and must state that the vehicle will be operated off paved, graded, Federal, state, or professionally maintained roads, or driveways.  At the time of rental, the traveler must write that statement on the agreement and the company must agree to the operation of the vehicle off paved, graded, Federal, state, or professionally maintained roads, or driveways. If the company declines, the traveler must contact the TMC to book a new rental, they cannot just go to the next rental company in the airport.


Voucher Questions

How do I create my voucher?

You will create a voucher from an approved authorization.  There is a “Create New Document” button that you can choose for creating the voucher.  Please use the quick reference DTS Create a Voucher Tri-Fold, the DTS Voucher Guide, or contact your unit ODTA for additional assistance.


I cannot create a Voucher from my existing Authorization, why?

Your Authorization must be approved for you to be able to create a voucher. If the amend link was selected on the Authorization, have that document approved and you will be able to create a Voucher. If the authorization was approved but you still can’t do a voucher, contact your ODTA.


How much time do I have to submit a voucher once I return?

You have 5 working days to correctly complete and sign your voucher. Your unit can require you to complete it in a shorter amount of time.


How long will it take from the time I submit my voucher for me to get paid?

Your unit has 2 working days to either return a voucher to you for correction or forward the voucher to Disbursing or TECOM for approval (Level 30) once signed.  Level 30 has 10 working days to approve the voucher. Once the voucher is approved by Level 30, it can take up to 3 business days for payment to be made.


What do I do if I receive an email from DTS stating my voucher was returned?

Go to the voucher’s Sign and Submit page and scroll to comments. The individual who returned the voucher is required to enter comments on why the voucher was returned and corrective action required. Correct all the discrepancies and sign the voucher for approval.


My voucher was approved but I have not been paid. What do I do?

If you see the status showing Voucher Submitted, it is pending payment.  If it stays in that status beyond 24-48 hours, contact your ODTA for assistance.

If you check your authorization or voucher and see the EFT Return or SPP Return stamp was applied to the document, this stamp means your money went to a closed or incorrect account and the bank returned the money to DFAS.

If you see an EFT Return or SPP Return stamp: amend the document and change the EFT account information under Additional Options/Profile/My Account Information. Make sure you click the “Save Changes” to permanent traveler information and sign the document for approval.

 If the document does not have an EFT Return or SPP Return stamp then an EFT Trace Request needs to be submitted to identify where the money was sent to.  Contact your ODTA for assistance.


My voucher reflects a status of "Reject/Rejected", what do I do?

This status normally occurs when the funding data elements on the document do not match those contained within the accounting system, or a command no longer has funds available to cover the cost of the trip.  Contact your unit ODTA who will coordinate with the Comptroller’s office to determine proper course of action to correct the error.


How do I pay my Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) on my voucher?

Per MARADMIN 691/13, GTCC is mandatory for all reimbursable / travel related expenses. This can be done on the financial summary page of your voucher.  For more information, step 5 of the trifold on how to create a voucher has instructions.


How do I calculate local mileage for a local voucher?

All local travel is calculated with your regular commute in mind.  DTS is programmed to compute the calculation for you, you simply need to claim the mileage driven if it’s from your residence and when prompted input your normal commute distance/cost.  Use the quick reference How to Create a Local Voucher Tri-Fold if you need to submit for local travel.  If you need further instructions on how to calculate, please contact your ODTA or visit the DTMO website for the procedures.


Expense Questions

What non-mileage expenses can I claim?

The JTR 0204 Miscellaneous Reimbursable Expenses identifies what non-mileage (also called “reimbursable”) expenses may be claimed. Listed are all expenses a unit AO may authorize.  If the JTR is silent on an item, reimbursement is not authorized.


How can I claim tuition fees, postage, batteries, photocopies and other expenses that are not included in the JTR?

These and other similar expenses are considered mission related expenses. Mission-related expenses are prohibited from being reimbursed through a travel voucher/local voucher.  There is a chance they can be claimed through Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF).  Contact your ODTA or Comptroller for assistance.


What do I do if my travel itinerary changed during my TAD?

DO NOT AMEND THE AUTHORIZATION - You will need to change your travel itinerary in the itinerary section of your voucher.  Please use these instructions: Adjust or Amend a Voucher with Itinerary or Reservation Changes.


Debt Questions

What causes a DTS debt?

A debt (Due U.S. Condition) is established anytime a negative balance is present on an approved DTS voucher.  Negative balances normally occur when previously received payments for a trip exceed the value of allowable claimed expenses on an approved voucher.  All vouchers are subject to post payment review and during the review process it is possible a previously reimbursed item is disallowed resulting in a negative balance.


What do I do if I have a debt?

If you have received notification of a debt via DTS, there is a link for repayment in that email.  Due to the complicated nature of debt, it is recommended that you contact the individual from the DTS Help Desk that sent you the debt notification.  The number one priority is validating the debt and assisting you through the repayment process.


What is a Notification of Debt email?

A Notification of Debt email is generated whenever a negative balance is present in a DTS voucher.  Negative balances can be caused when expense obligations on the authorizations are set too high when partial payments are scheduled.  Disallowed expenses on vouchers, post payment reviews or compliance tool errors, etc.


What should I do?

If your profile is under DM515906638441, you will receive a follow-up email from a Debt Management Monitor (DMM) that works in our office.  Any questions or concerns you may have, can be addressed directly with the DMM at that time.


I just received a "DTS Notification of Payroll Collection" email, what should I do?

Do NOT attempt to make repayment for the debt.  Under most circumstances, the debt is pre-staged for payroll collection and requires manual intervention to remove it from the collection queue.  Any action to make restitution MUST be coordinated with your Debt Management Monitor (DMM) or you unknowingly risk repaying the debt twice.  There may be significant delay before the over-collected funds can be returned to you if the debt is paid twice.


Must I pay this back lump sum or can I make installments?

In most cases installments are available and you are encouraged to engage with your DMM to discuss the available options.


Can I file a waiver?

If you desire to take this step, you are encouraged to notify the DMM who will provide the appropriate references and next steps.


MCLB Albany Helpdesk

E-Mail: (Do NOT send PII to this address)

Phone Number: (229) 639-7019/7960 / DSN: 567-7019   

          Physical Location: Bldg. 3500 Room 5, Albany GA


Other Helpful Contacts

TECOM World Wide Travel Office -

Travel Management Company (SATO) - (866) 950-1436

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany