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CY21 Command Safety Program Goal: Update Emergency Action Plan (EAP). (click on the title for details)

See the latest Emergency Action Plan Base Order MCLBAO 3301.1B signed 28 Jul 21. (click on the title)

2021 Spring-Summer Focus on Safety (click on the title for details)

Risk Management Information (RMI)

Previous Calendar Year Command Safety Goal:  Reduce Slips, Trips and Falls.  

CY20 MCLBA OSHA 300A Log & Summary (Post on Official Bulletin Board 1 Feb. - 30 Apr. 21). 

To access ESAMS:    1.  Enterprise Safety Applications Management Systems (ESAMS)

                                    2.  Email us.........Risk Management 

Latest MCLB Safety Barometer Survey Results (FULL REPORT)

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To review the VPP F.A.Q.: 1. For Employees

                                              2. Additional FAQ for Maintenance Personnel

                                              3. For Supervisors

                                              4. For Directors and Executives


To view the VISITOR AND CONTRACTOR SAFETY VIDEO, click on the video below.

To report a near miss: Near Miss Report

  To access the ANSI standards, click here

  CO's Most Recent Safety Council Briefing for:    FY21 1st  Quarter

                                                                               FY21 2nd Quarter

                                                                               FY21 3rd Quarter

                                                                               FY20 4th Quarter

To review the latest Base Order on Occupational Safety and Health (MCLBAO P5100.1L W/ Ch 1 dtd 31 Aug 17), click HERE.


Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

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MCO 6260.1E Marine Corps Hearing Conservation Program

For additional information, please call 5249.
Office Safety Primer

Introduction to Office Safety
Office Safety Topics

Office Safety Checklists

Checklist for Office Safety
Another Office Safety Checklist

For additional information, please call 639-5249
For additional information, please call 639-5610/5611
          1.  Duties and Responsibilities of Confined Entry Key Persons
          2.  Permit Required Confied Space (PRCS) Hazard Evaluation Form
          3.  Permit Required Confined Space Decision Flow Chart
          4.  Confined Space Program (MCLBAO 5100.12B)

For additional information, please call 639-5249

For additional information, please call 639-5249

        A.  Heat Illnes Prevention Program Information
            1.  Heat Stress
            2.  Commander's Guide for Heat
            3.  Army Heat Class Outline
            4.  Heat Injury Prevention Hip Pocket Guide
            5.  Heat Illness Prevention Program (B.O. 6200.1L)
            6.  Heat Flag Condition Automated LogBook Tool

       B.  Safety Grams
            1.  The Heat is On
            2.  Heat Illness Prevention
            3.  Preventing Heat-Related Illness
            4.  10 Ways to Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses
            5. Heat Illness Prevention Tips (May 2013)

For additional information, please call 639-5249

School Bus and School Zone Safety (.pdf)
Poison Prevention
Playground Safety Checklist (.pdf)
Children's Safety Zone

Home Childcare Providers: for additional information call 639-5767

Radiological Safety Affairs Program (MCLBAO 5104.3C dtd 21 Jan 14)

Radiological Safety Affairs Support Program Manual (NAVSEA S0420-AA-RAD-010 REVISION 2 dtd Jan. 15)



Installation Radiation Safety Manager (IRSM):  William Young,     229-639-7272 (W), 229-759-2565 (H)

Assistant Radiation Safety Manager (ARSM):   Donna Chalmers, 229-639-6215 (W)

Bloodborne Pathogens Program Base Order (BO 6260.3A dtd 14 Jun 10)

JHA Process
JHA Worksheet

JHA MCLBA Order 5100.10A (dtd 16 Aug 18)

For additional information, please call 639-5249

Applicable Marine Corps/Base Orders

Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulations MCLBAO 5560.9E

POV Inspection Checklist                                              

Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPS)


 MCLBAO 5100.19A - MCLB Albany Driver Education Program dtd 4 Dec. 20

  MCO 5110.1D - Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision

Driver Improvement Courses

   Driver Education Program

   Understanding the distracted Brain White Paper and White Paper Presentation 

    Alive at 25 registration form

    DODI 6055.4

Motorcycle Training Program

    Motorcycle Registration Form

    Motorcycle Training Schedule. For more information on course availability contact Will Womble at (229) 639-7050.

    Motorcycle PPE Requirements

    Motorcycle Inspection Checklist 


    Critter Crashes - How to avoid deer and other animals on a motorcycle

    Motorcycle Tips and Techniques

    Motorcycle Safety Foundation

The Motorcycle Safety Course is free. Active duty Marines Contact the TS/RODS Program Manager at 639-7050.

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    GA Department of Driver Services

For additional information, please call extension 639-5249.


           1.   MCLBAO 5100.13D Respiratory Protection Program  as of 22 Feb 19

                2.   Request for medical clearance for respirator use
                3.   Respiratory Protection Training

                4.   User Seal Check Procedures

                5.   Worksite - Specific Respiratory Protection Plan

                6.   Respirator Cleaning Procedures

                7.   Respirator Selection

                8.   Fit Test Form

                9.   Voluntary Use of Respirators Form

 For additional information, please call extension 639-7049

 Title Created DateDescription
Back to School (August 2021)Download8/2/2021safetygram
Fireworks SafetyDownload7/1/2021 
Heat Injury and Illness Download5/26/2021 
National Poison Prevention Month Download3/5/2021 
2021 Command Safety Goal: Update EAPs Download2/18/2021 
Attic SafetyDownload10/28/2020 
Halloween Safety (October 2020)Download10/27/2020 
Arrive Alive at 25 class announcementDownload10/23/2020 
Fire Prevention WeekDownload10/5/2020 
National Ergonomics Month (NEM)Download9/30/2020 
Coronavirus (COVID-19),How to Protect Yourself & OthersDownload9/11/2020 
Summer Safety Download7/31/2020 
Valved Face Masks Download7/31/2020 
Back to School (August, 2020)Download7/24/2020 
VPP AwarenessDownload7/6/2020 
Share Facts June 2020Download6/25/2020 
Wash Your HandsDownload6/9/2020 
Handwashing Download6/9/2020 
How to Wear and Remove a Face Cover June 2020Download6/3/2020 
Stop the Spread of Germs Download6/1/2020 
Ten Things (COVID-19)Download5/28/2020 
Stay Home From Work May 2020Download5/28/2020 
COVID-19 Factsheet for Protection May 20Download5/21/2020 
What You Can Do If High Risk (COVID-19)Download5/21/2020 
Cloth Face Coverings InformationDownload5/19/2020 
Motorcycle Safety Awareness Download5/18/2020 
101 Critical Days of Summer May 20 Download5/12/2020 
10 steps workplaces can take to reduce risk of exposure to CoronavirusDownload5/8/2020 
Cleaning and Disinfecting for HouseholdsDownload4/28/2020 
Ergo TeleworkDownload4/3/2020 
National Poison Prevention Week (March 15-21)Download3/12/2020 
Digital Eye Strain Download3/2/2020 
CY20 Command Safety Goal: Reduce Slip, Trips and FallsDownload2/7/2020 
MCLBA Safety Barometer Survey Results Download11/4/2019 
National Fire Prevention WeekDownload10/9/2019 
Halloween Safety Download10/2/2019 
National Ergonomics MonthDownload10/2/2019 
National Fall Prevention Awareness WeekDownload9/17/2019 
Child Passenger Seat Safety Month Download9/13/2019 
National Eye Health & Safety Month (Blue Light)Download8/21/2019 
Back to School SafetyDownload8/2/2019 
Fight Fatigue Risks, Sleep Depravation AwarenessDownload7/5/2019 
Distracted Driving Awareness CampaignDownload4/11/2019 
National Radon Action MonthDownload2/1/2019 
Super Bowl SafetyDownload1/31/2019 
Stay Healthy This Flu SeasonDownload10/17/2018 
Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Download8/29/2018 
Georgia Hands-Free Law Download6/25/2018 
Traffic SafetyDownload6/12/2018 
Flooding Preparedness Download5/25/2018 
National Safety MonthDownload5/15/2018 
Alcohol Awareness MonthDownload4/16/2018 
Save Your Vision MonthDownload3/28/2018 
VPP Star Worksite Recertification (February 2018)Download2/28/2018 
360° Walk Around CampaignDownload10/31/2016 
Navigating the Traffic CircleDownload9/7/2016 
Click it or Ticket campaignDownload5/16/2016 
National Playground Safety AwarenessDownload4/22/2016 
Confined SpacesDownload4/18/2016 
Top Ten Crash Intersections in Albany GADownload4/7/2016 
National Poison Prevention Week Download3/18/2016 
Heart Failure Awareness WeekDownload2/12/2016 
Burn Awareness WeekDownload1/28/2016 
Hunting SafetyDownload9/30/2015 
VPP AwarenessDownload8/31/2015 
Recreational and Off-Duty SafetyDownload7/23/2015 
Emergency PreparednessDownload6/3/2015 
National Electrical Safety AwarenessDownload5/28/2015 
Motorcycle PPE Download5/28/2015 
Space HeatersDownload11/13/2014 
VPP Star Site! Download11/7/2014 
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