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Communication Strategy and Operations personnel advise commanders and staffs on communication matters; research, develop, integrate and assess communication plans; communicate with internal, domestic and international audiences; and produce written and visual information products in order to build understanding, credibility and trust with audiences critical to mission success.

This incorporates a variety to tasks in support of operational and institutional objectives, to include:  acquiring, editing and producing written, photo, video, graphic and illustration produces in electronic and print formats; and communicating with internal, domestic and international audiences through a variety of means, such as the traditional news media, social media, community relations and local population/key leader engagement.



The COMMSTRAT Office is committed to communicating command information quickly and accurately to members of MCLB Albany and tenant organizations.  The internal audience includes active-duty military, retirees, Department of the Navy employees, reservists and family members of all those groups.  Internal communication establishes, maintains and employs two-way communication channels between command leaders and command members.



A core COMMSTRAT mission for all commands is to provide a timely, accurate and truthful flow of information to the general public.  COMMSTRAT is committed to being proactive with and responsive to all local, state and national media, and members in the community.



The COMMSTRAT Office creates photo, video, graphic and illustration products for internal/external release, historical documentation and investigations.  We also provide promotion photo support for active-duty military and command photo support for command boards.



Community outreach is an important contributor to achieving mission. Every reasonable effort at MCLB Albany will be made to develop and maintain excellent community relations through volunteer efforts as well as involvement in local public events and community activities. Military and civilian employees are the best ambassadors for the Marine Corps.

The Albany area for community relations extends to and includes the counties of Dougherty, Lee and Worth, incorporating the cities and municipalities of Albany, Leesburg and Sylvester.


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