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Office of the Staff Judge Advocate


Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

OSJA Albany Staff (from left to right): Capt. George McDonnell (Deputy SJA) and Maj. W. Aden Wilkie (SJA).

Mission Statement

The Staff Judge Advocate is the legal adviser and counsel to the commanding general or commanding officer. Additionally, the SJA is the command ethics counselor. The SJA exercises these responsibilities by direct control over the subordinate branches of the office. The Deputy SJA is the Judge Advocate’s principal assistant and performs the duties of the SJA in the SJA’s absence.

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate
814 Radford Blvd., Bldg. 3500, Rm 507
Albany, Georgia, 31704

Phone Number: (229) 639-5212
Fax Number: (229) 639-6711

Hours of Operations:
Mondays through Fridays from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1 to 4:30 p.m.

Eligibility for Service:
Assistance is provided to active-duty, retired service members and family members.

Services Provided:
The following services are available at the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate:

Walk-in basis:
Power of attorney, notary and car registration tax waivers.

Appointment only:
Provide commanders and staff with critical analysis and advice relating to the following areas: Military Justice, Operational Law, Fiscal Law, Government Ethics, Investigations, Claims, Domestic Operational Law, Equal Opportunity and other matters.


Legal Assistance

Click on the LEGAL ASSISTANCE tab for a list of services provided by the Parris Island Legal Assistance Office.

Legal Assistance can be provided to clients two different ways:

1. In person-
Once a month, usually the first Wednesday of each month, we provide the opportunity for clients to speak face to face with an attorney, in order to assist clients with legal issues that require an attorney’s presence; i.e. will executions.

2. Telephonically-
We coordinate the opportunity for qualifying persons to hold a teleconference with an attorney from Parris Island, to obtain legal advice.

Note:  It is important to bring the Client Intake Sheet, Affidavit of Representation, and your military ID card to the legal clerk upon checking in. 



Main Office Line:
(229) 639-5212

Staff Judge Advocate
Lt. Col. W. Aden Wilkie
Work: (229) 639-7117
BB: (229) 228-1734

Deputy Staff Judge Advocate
Capt. George McDonnell
Work: (229) 639-8099
BB: (229) 854-9615