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Unit Readiness Coordinator

MCLB Albany Unit Readiness Coordinator
Building 3500, Command Suite
Office: 229-639-5202
Cell: 229-376-2118


"Marines take care of their own - period. The enduring pledge between Marines is never more sacred than during time of war. Just as every Marine makes a commitment to the Corps when they earn the title Marine, the Corps makes an enduring commitment to every Marine - and an enduring commitment to their family." (Quote by Gen. James Conway, 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps)

What is Family Readiness? Family readiness is when military members (married or single) and their families have the knowledge and resources to meet the challenges of the military lifestyle. The Marine Corps Order for family readiness is MCO 1754.9.

What can a Unit Readiness Coordinator URC do for you?
      * The URC is the command’s representative and point of contact for all family readiness issues and concerns for all military members, both married and single.     
      * Is the subject matter expert for all MCCS programs, events and resources.
      * Is the advocate and information source for the families of single Marines.

How can you assist the Family Readiness Team?
     * Maintain your wills, powers of attorney, contact information and other important family documents as applicable.    
     * Volunteer as Family Readiness Assistants or Morale Support Volunteers.
     * Share information with other military-connected families.    
     * Support family events through attendance and participation.
     * Advocate and provide support for families who have members deployed.

Your Family Readiness Team is comprised of the MCLB Albany commanding officer, executive officer and sergeant major: 229-639-5202    

All military members and spouses (active and reserve) in Albany area, your Unit Readiness Coordinator and the Family Readiness Team are here to assist with any aspect of the military lifestyle.

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany