JPEO-CBD Enterprise Fielding & Surveillance
Joint Equipment Assessment Program for Chemical and Biological Defense

Joint Enterprise Fielding and Surveillance (JEFS)

Joint Enterprise Fielding and Surveillance (JEFS) is a Marine Corps Logistics Command entity providing total life cycle management in support of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense (CBRND) equipment for the Department of Defense (DoD) and other Government agencies.  Additionally, a component of the JEFS is operationally matrixed to the Joint Program Executive Office (JPEO) for CBRND under a Memorandum of Agreement to provide specific Fielding and Surveillance enterprise support. JEFS provides support to its customers through three well-defined service offerings: Logistics Support Services (LSS), Fielding and Surveillance Teams (FST) and Defense Accountability, Reutilization and Demilitarization (DARD).  

Logistics Support Services (LSS)

LSS services include a robust testing program, reutilization of CBRND combat and training equipment, and small-scale warehouse sustainment initiatives for critical assets.  LSS offers technical expertise and processes for executing testing functions for Production Lot Qualification, Shelf-life Extension and Engineering studies of CBRND equipment.  JEFS partners with certified government organic and commercial laboratories to conduct chemical agent and physical properties testing in accordance with item specifications and program quality standards.

LSS is responsible to stock, store and issue CBRND assets identified for reutilization. These items are routinely utilized for training missions, combat stock and in many cases for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) support.  DoD customers review the available inventory and JEFS “free issues” the material to the end user.

Fielding and Surveillance Teams (FST)

FST are comprised of certified CBRND experts who provide readiness and sustainment support to the Services, Program Managers, Joint Project Managers and FMS. They conduct Fielding, New Equipment Training, equipment repairs, site visits, technical writing, gap analysis and the development and implementation of CBRND equipment sustainment strategies.  FST are a projectable entity with permanent locations in Camp Pendleton, CA; Camp Lejeune, NC; and Albany, GA.

Defense Accountability, Reutilization and Disposal (DARD)

JEFS is designated by the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services (DLA DS) as the Responsible Agent for disposition authorization and disposal of CBRND equipment. JEFS also has authority from the Office of the Secretary of Defense Demilitarization Manager to reutilize serviceable CBRND equipment identified for disposal.  In addition to CBRND equipment, the DARD activity provides disposal services for body armor, Kevlar, Small Arms Protective Insert Plates, Infrared (IR) netting systems, IR clothing and textiles, and parachutes.   

JEFS is a customer-focused service provider offering a broad range of capabilities.  JEFS offers agile, cost effective solutions designed to enhance the readiness and performance of CBRND equipment for its customers.

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