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Petty Officer 2nd Class Joshua Gulley, security augmentation force augmentee, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, checks an identification card during SAF monthly training, here, recently.

Photo by Nathan L. Hanks Jr.

Corpsman becomes base’s first Sailor SAF augmentee

23 Jan 2015 | Nathan L. Hanks Jr. Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Checking identification cards for base access, patrolling the enlisted housing area and watching for traffic violations is not the norm for a Navy corpsman unless part of a security augmentation force.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Joshua Gulley, master at arms, Naval Branch Health Clinic Albany, is the first corpsman to be assigned to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany’s SAF.

As part of his monthly sustainment training, Gulley spent the day learning from Cpl. Jeremiah Fenn, patrolman, Marine Corps Police Department, MCLB Albany, and gained a new perspective of base law enforcement.

Fenn explained to Gulley while they were sitting in a MCPD police car in front of the Base Theater that he was looking for drivers who were talking on their cell phones or not wearing their seatbelts.

“The key behind observing the traffic is to make sure the driver is being safe,” Fenn, a six-year veteran of MCPD, said. “As a vehicle passes by, I also look for any infractions, such as an expired license tag or infractions including a cracked windshield or missing headlights and side view mirrors.”

Fenn also shared with his partner for a day why he rides with his window rolled down.

“I ride around with my window down because you never know if someone is yelling for help,” he said. “If your window is rolled up, you will not be able hear anything going on outside.”

Gulley said the ride-along was a good experience and it showed the Navy is supporting the base as well.

He noted the knowledge and understanding of base law enforcement gained during the training could help him as the master at arms at NBHC Albany.

Gulley said the training will help him assist police officers more efficiently and be a positive presence within NBHC Albany and the base community.
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