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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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LOGCOM, installation celebrates four decades of service

By Verda L. Parker | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | November 13, 2014


The Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, was the scene for a crowd of well-wishers who came to pay tribute and honor the branch head for Marine Corps Logistics Command’s Fleet Support Division, Warehousing Branch.

Maj. Gen. John J. Broadmeadow, commanding general, LOGCOM, gave a chronology of the past 41 years of combined military and civilian-Marine service for retiree, Gerald Dixson.

Stewart Brent Snoddy, branch head, Fleet Support Division, Quality and Support Branch recalled his work and personal relationship with Dixson.

“Gerald is just an easy going, good to go guy,” Snoddy said. “He’s always been, more or less, a problem solver for me. We played basketball together, so we’ve had an outside relationship as well. His leaving is kind of bittersweet. I’m going to miss him, but at the same time it’s really good that he can start a new chapter in his life, do something different and relax a little bit. I wish the best for him and his family.”

The honoree recapped his own 40-year, 11-month veteran/civil service career and summarized the things he loved about his job.

“I first came to the base in 1975 as a Marine,” Dixson said. “I started my civil service career (here) in 1980.

“The past 40 years represents a lot of hard work,” the honoree said. “It represents a labor of love because I loved what I did, which made it a whole lot easier to come out day after day and do what I did. I love the people I worked with and the mission we were on. I loved the fact we were supporting someone whose face we may never see but we knew what they were doing as for as protecting our country and protecting the freedoms of our country. And, that made it easy.

“If I could give parting words to those I’m leaving behind I would say, take the words ‘Semper Fi’ and stick with those,” he added. “Care about what you do and know what the end result of what you do (represents). Just stay faithful to what you do and know that your hard work has its reward.”

Among his accolades, Dixon received certificates of retirement from Broadmeadow and Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy; a letter from then-Commandant, Gen. James F. Amos, and an American flag, which was flown over LOGCOM, Sept. 17.

Dixson’s daughter, an accomplished flutist, entertained the crowd with a classical piece at the ceremony. His wife and son were also in attendance.