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Outsiders beat Tufels from tip-off

By Nathan L. Hanks Jr. | | February 21, 2014


The Outsiders went head-to-head against Tufels in an intramural basketball game Tuesday at Thomason Gymnasium, winning 63-49.

Shot after shot, the Outsiders put their practice to play leading them to victory.

“When I saw there were four big players on the Tufels team, I thought it was going to be a tough game,” Anthony Carter, Outsiders coach said. “But my smaller guards outplayed the ‘bigs.’”

With their 0-2 record in mind, the Outsiders took to the court. 

Only six players started the game for the Outsiders; however, this did not stop them from giving it all they had. Another player showed up at halftime giving the team some much need relief.

“We had confidence in one another despite losing our first two games,” Carter said. “This win made me feel so good that I can’t wait to play Thursday night.”

Carter said the most valuable player for the Outsiders was Tyrell Shingles.

“Two of our big men did not show up tonight, and he had to step up and fall into the role,” Carter said.

He also mentioned Tony Brown as one of Outsiders’ key players.

“Tony (Brown), to be a small player, put up a couple of big buckets for the team,” he said.

The coach added his team won because they played consistently.

However, that was not the case for the Tufels.

“We got off to a sluggish start,” Kenneth Barber, Tufels coach, said. “We were not transitioning on defense and near halftime, you could see the frustration set in.

“I said to the guys at halftime, ‘the true character of a team is the resiliency and their ability to fight back,’” he said.

Barber said his team could have played better during the first half.

“We did not come out hustling,” he said. “We got behind quick and it is hard to fight back when you  are down 19 points.”

At the half: Outsiders 43, Tufels 24.

Barber said his team played better in the second half, especially around the 12-minute mark.

“We got on a good streak,” he said. “We started fighting on defense, boxing out and getting after rebounds, but we were not connecting with the basket.”

With more misplaced shots, Tufels did not wake up until there were 7-8 minutes left in the game, according to Barber.

“We started fighting our way back but by that time, we were down 21 points,” he said. “Coming back from a 21-point deficit is hard at any level of basketball.”

Barber contributes the loss to playing with a new team and a lack of practice.

“This is the second time I had the whole team on the floor together,” he said. “I am a big proponent of chemistry and team ball, but we are not there yet.”

Barber said, “In the end, we played a good team, and they have been together for a while. They looked sharp shooting the ball.”

Barber did not designate an MVP, but said his most consistent player was Jerome McCray.

“He played smart, fundamental basketball and was all-around consistent,” he said. “He pulled down some rebounds and hustled on defense. Even though we were down, he kept his head in the game even when things got tough. I expect nothing less from a Marine.”

Tufels record is 1-2.