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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Marine Corps Logistics Command (Forward) changes hands

By Maj. Jose M. Tee | | June 27, 2013

Lt. Col. Matthew S. Cook relinquished command of Marine Corps Logistics Command (Forward) to Lt. Col. Danny R. Ledford, May 30, during a change of command ceremony held at the MCLC (FWD) Main Lot aboard Camp Leatherneck.
Cook assumed command of MCLC (FWD) July 23, 2012, and has led more than 250 Marines, Sailors, Civilian-Marines and contractors, who conducted redeployment, retrograde, reset and reconstitution operations in support of the commandant of the Marine Corps’ reset strategy.
He also managed the Equipment Readiness Sustainment Program in support of the Operation Enduring Freedom Marine Air-Ground Task Force.
During this time, MCLC (FWD) received 16,579 principal end items and shipped 20,022 PEIs while conducting operations at both Camp Dwyer and Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan.
Additionally, under the Equipment Readiness Sustainment Program, 92 PEIs were exchanged with the OEF MAGTF under the PEI rotation program, 197 PEIs were issued through the Forward-In-Stores program and 111 PEIs were receipted for and re-issued through the refresh/refurbishment program.
This capability greatly enhanced the OEF MAGTF’s readiness and operational capability.
The change-of-command ceremony represents change and continuity; a change in leadership, yet continuity in the execution of the Marine Corps’ reset plan, while concurrently providing timely support to the OEF MAGTF.
“I was very fortunate to have worked for Major General (Charles L.) Hudson (former commanding general, Marine Corps Logistics Command) and Colonel (Yori R.) Escalante, (chief of staff, Marine Corps Logistics Command),” Cook said.
Upon his return to MCLC, Cook assumed his new role as MCLC’s operations director/G-3.
Ledford, the new commander for MCLC (FWD), has served on multiple deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and OEF, Ledford brings a unique understanding of the requirements in Afghanistan.
In his most recent deployment in 2011, he served as the executive officer of MCLC (FWD).
Ledford said his role is, “to ensure that the Marines, Sailors and civilian personnel of Marine Corps Logistics Command (Forward) have the tools, direction and freedom of action to successfully execute the task at hand.”
“I believe in the mission out here,” Ledford said. “I believe we are doing something that is absolutely critical to the future success of our Corps. If we don’t get this right, reset of the Marine Corps’ ground equipment is in jeopardy.”
“Ultimately that means the young Marines in our ranks will not have the gear they need, or it will not be ready when they need it, to execute the next mission of responding to a crisis or prosecuting combat operations,” he continued. “So I am here to ensure that we do everything in our power to help set the conditions for success of our fellow Marines.”
“I asked the commanding general to let me come back out here,” Ledford said. “It’s an honor to serve with this entire group of patriots.”