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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Marines stay fit with new water-based program

By Nathan L. Hanks Jr. | | June 6, 2013

Marines stationed aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany can now beat the Southwest Georgia heat by trading in their running shoes and sweaty workout clothes for high-intensity exercises in the cool waters of the Base Pool.
Sixteen Marines and three Civilian-Marines from various commands throughout the base participated in a two-day Aquatics Maximum Power-Intense Training, or AMP-IT, training the trainer course at the Base Pool, May 21-22.
“AMP-IT is an in-water physical training program that consists of a variety of scientifically-proven, high-intensity exercises,” Dr. Mary Wykle, said.
Wykle originally developed the program at the request of the Army Surgeon General. She has been contracted by the Marine Corps to teach her program.
“The purpose of the program is to offer Marines an alternative to land-based physical fitness training,” she said. “AMP-IT is also used to help Marines who have been placed on light duty, limited duty, the body composition program and those with injuries, to remain physically fit.”
The program promotes total fitness, according to Kari Hemund, aquatics program specialist, Semper Fit and Recreation, Headquarters Marine Corps.
“AMP-IT provides an aquatic workout of sufficient intensity for individuals with musculoskeletal/orthopedic injuries limiting weight-bearing exercise or those who are just looking for an alternative workout,” Hemund said. “Training-related musculoskeletal injuries are the leading non-combat-related cause of service member hospitalizations and outpatient visits, many resulting in preventable discharges and limited duty days.”
According to the Medical Surveillance Monthly Report, 15,361 Marines were injured in 2011 from January to July.
The report also stated of those injured, 4,744 were placed on limited duty while 605 did not return to duty. For each injury, 16 duty days were lost on average at a cost of $1,900.
The cost for those placed on limited duty was more than $9 million during that six-month period, according to the report.
“AMP-IT can help prevent musculoskeletal injuries and save the Marine Corps money,” Hemund said.
The program has nine core areas for optimum fitness to include deep water with floatation, strength with drag equipment, exercises with equipment, stretches, balance and core strength, noodle use, shallow water agility, muscle endurance and relaxation/active stretches.
Hemund’s goal is to provide an all-around total Marine fitness program by having Marines conduct High Intensity Tactical Training on land, three days a week, and AMP-IT in the water for two days.
According to Marine Administrative Message 601/12, HITT is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that takes into consideration the physical demands of operational-related activities to optimize and sustain physical performance while in combat.
Cpl. Sheldrick Thomas, motor transportation operator, Garrison Supply, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, volunteered for the AMP-IT trainer course.
“I volunteered for the course because I wanted to learn a different style of physical training so I can vary my workouts,” he said. “You can feel the physical training part of it, but you don’t feel the aftereffects in the joints like you would have if you ran three miles.”
Thomas, who is recovering from a knee injury, said he will benefit from the program.
“This program will help my running and help me keep my readiness up without the pain and wear and tear on my body,” he said.