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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany hosts 2013 Bench Press Competition

By Marti Gatlin | | January 24, 2013

Seven men and three women test their abilities in Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany’s 2013 Bench Press Competition at Daniels Fitness Center, Jan. 16. The contestants competed to bench press pound-for-pound over their own body weights to win first, second or third place. After a warm-up, they each conducted three official lifts. According to Whitney Hendrix, fitness director, because none of the women could lift over their body weights, there are no over body weight scores for them. The female winners were based on who lifted closest to their body weights.

Bench Press Competition 2013

Male Category

Name Final Lift lbs over
body weight
1st place – John Colbert 440 199
2nd place – Michael Henderson 430 197
3rd place – Bryant Drake 365 188

Female Category

Name Final Lift
1st place – Lindsey Flammia 105
2nd place – Gwen McHan 85
3rd place – Techelle Matthew-Jackson 85