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MCCS gears up for flag football season

By Jason Webb, Public Affairs Specialist | | September 30, 2010

Football season is back, and for armchair quarterbacks, this is what heaven looks like.

For a number of dedicated fans of football, the thrill of gridiron competition does not end in the living room.

Starting Monday, Marine Corps Com-munity Services is sponsoring an eight-man flag football league.

According to Tom Bell, youth sports coordinator, MCCS, registration is still open for new teams, and each team can have 16 members on its roster.

Although 16 members is the maximum allowed per team, teams can still be eligible for play with only six players. Anything less than six players is an automatic forfeiture of the game.

There are seven teams registered for the fall season and teams will play Mondays and Wednesdays. There will be three games played each night.

“This year will be full of competition, and I look forward to beginning this new season,” Bell said. “There are plans to host a turkey bowl if the response is good.”

Teams will play in a marked off area at the softball fields here and will follow the United States Flag and Touch Football League official manual.

The playing field will be 80 yards long and have two 10-yard end zones.

Bell said MCCS will provide the flags, footballs and referees for each game.

For more information about the flag football season or to register a team for the season, call (229) 639-5246.