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Base order prohibits smokeless tobacco use

By Art Powell | | December 10, 2009

Base Order 5100.17B, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, details the prohibition on the use of tobacco products in all Marine Corps controlled facilities at the base, except base housing. This includes the use of smokeless tobacco products.

“When we first transitioned to a smoke-free environment back in the early 90s, it took years for people to adjust to that,” said Sgt. Maj. Scott C. Mykoo, sergeant major, MCLB Albany, Ga. “It took a few years before everybody quit smoking inside buildings.”

The base order, dated Nov. 16, 2009, is in accordance with Secretary of the Navy Instruction 5100.13E, dated July 31, 2008. It refers to Environmental Tobacco Smoke, also called “secondhand” or “passive” smoke. It is defined as exhaled/side-streamed smoke emitted from smokers, burning cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and other tobacco products. ETS is a major source of harmful indoor air pollution designated a “Class A” carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency and known to cause respiratory illness and heart disease, according to the SECNAVINST.

The Navy and Marine Corps publications refer to tobacco products as smoking (e.g., cigarettes, cigars, pipes) and smokeless tobacco (e.g., spit, plug, leaf, snuff, dip, chew).

The same culture change is required for users of smoke-free tobacco products, who are also banned under the base order from consuming smokeless tobacco products in Marine Corps controlled facilities on base.

“Enforcement of the ban on the use of smokeless products here will take some time because it’s so easy to put a smokeless tobacco product into your mouth while you sit at your desk, thinking it’s your personal space,” Mykoo said. “A lot of people think that’s not smoking.”

Base officials stressed that a successful campaign to enforce the tobacco restrictions will require the active support of all military and civilian personnel.

The Navy and Marine Corps instructions also prohibit the use of tobacco products within 50 feet of the entrances or air intakes of buildings.

For additional information on tobacco use, review Base Order 5100.17B and SECNAVINST 5100.13E