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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Base Turkey Shoot attracts marksmen

By Art Powell | | August 20, 2009

Shooters were drawn to the Bosma Skeet Range here for a Turkey Shoot Aug. 13, even through there wasn’t a turkey in sight. Relay winners went home with gift cards.

“This wasn’t typical shooting for me, it was just luck with the shotgun,” said Michael T. Madden, executive deputy, Marine Corps Logistics Command, after winning his relay. “It was fun being out here and this was the first time I’ve shot a 12-gauge in a while.”

Winners in each relay, who had the most shotgun pellets closest to the bull’s-eye, won a gift card to a local grocery store. Madden said he would donate his winning card to the Single Marine Program at the base.

Another shooter in Madden’s relay was Col. Terry V. Williams, commanding officer, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Ga., who was very close to the bull’s-eye, but not as close as Madden.

“Because his was dead-on, and mine was off by a point-centimeter or something, he won,” Williams said jokingly. “In most relays, my shot would have won, but his (Madden) was closer.”

James Stroup, recreation assistant, Semper Fit, Marine Corps Community Services, confirmed the relay involving Madden and Williams was very close.

“I’ve been out here for three years, and this relay was the closest I’ve ever seen. We had three shots in this round that could be winners by themselves,” he said.

Another relay was won by Col. Ben Braden, chief of staff, Marine Corps Logistics Command, who planned to donate his gift card to the fund that supports Thanksgiving gift baskets here.

“I love to hunt anything, so I shoot a lot, and this is for a good cause,” he explained as Otis, his blood hound, closely watched the events.

Semper Fit will sponsor another Turkey Shoot closer to Thanksgiving and base personnel may compete for a $2 entry fee, which includes the use of the range and a 12- or 20-guage shotgun, for the opportunity to win a gift card. The events are conducted by MCCS for their patrons.