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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Ribbons hung as thankful reminder

By Sgt. Joshua Bozeman | | May 3, 2003

Albany Chamber of Commerce Personnel placed yellow bows with red, white and blue ribbons attached to them along the front gate and several trees near the base entrance Saturday.

They placed the ribbons as a sign of gratitude to everyone who is actively working to support the troops overseas. They also put up a banner that they created to help ensure the military and civilian employees here got the message.

According to Donna Gray, Leadership Albany member who helped organize the event, the idea was cemented after a recent tour of the base.

"After leadership [Albany] came here at the height of the war, it brought to light how much base workers actually do to support the war effort, and we felt the need to say thank you," said Gray.

Commerce members spent several hours Friday night making the bows. Each member made at least one ribbon, creating 25 in all.

Gray said chamber members visited several organizations throughout the year, but being able to see the base from a new perspective, especially during wartime, was one of the most enjoyable, educational and memorable experiences.

"It was almost unanimous that the tour of the base was the highlight of our year," said Gray. "Maybe it was because the war was on TV 24/7 and we felt like we could relate to the workers here. The tour helped us see how they operate, and how much they have to do during wartime," said Gray. "The war developed practically overnight, and the personnel here handled it superbly."

According to Shirley Harp, Lee County Health Department a nurse whose nephew is currently serving overseas, it is very important to recognize and support the troops and let them know the community has not forgotten them.

"This was just something we could do to let them know we love and appreciate them," said Harp.