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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Proclamation joins some Logistics Bases, Systems Command personnel for efficiency

By | | July 12, 2001

The commanders and deputy commanders of Marine Corps Logistics Bases and Systems Command joined the commander and executive director of their parent command, Materiel Command, Friday in signing a proclamation that integrates life cycle management under a single process owner.

Maj. Gen. Paul M. Lee Jr., former MatCom commander; BGen. Richard S. Kramlich, LogBases commander; and Ken Trammell, MatCom executive director, met with BGen. J. M. Feigley and Lawrence P. Kreitzer, SysCom commander and deputy commander, respectively, at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., for the formal event.

"This is a significant event," said Lee. "This document authorizes the internal mechanisms that make total life cycle management of Marine Corps assets complete."

According to Trammell, the integrated departments or work units give program managers and weapon systems managers [now logistics management specialists] joint responsibility for the Marine Corps' ground assets from acquisition and development to storage, distribution throughout the Fleet Marine Force, maintenance and repair, and inventory control through final disposition.

"This is a giant step toward logistics transformation," Lee continued. "We are executing total life cycle management.

"Accordingly, our pioneer work to implement this integration could be the prototype for others to emulate."

Feigley said the integration gave him personal satisfaction because it's been needed for quite some time.

"This is the first step in a long overdue journey," Feigley said. "After 30 years of working with weapon systems managers, this gives me personal satisfaction to see this happen at last."

Although the integration meant transferring some 300 Marines and civilian employees of LogBases to SysCom, Kramlich said combining the efforts of weapon systems managers with program managers is a crucial factor in mission accomplishment.

"It was a distinct honor to join with General Lee in the signing of this MatCom proclamation, 'since this was his last official act as MatCom's commanding general," Kramlich said. "The integration of the work done by the former weapons systems managers and the program managers is essential to MatCom's mission, and General Lee felt strongly about that."

"It is up to all of us at each command to make this union a success, and
only a cooperative spirit will do that," Kramlich continued.

"The operational forces deserve that commitment," he said.