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NFL's Jaguars honor military;

By Cpl. Joshua Bozeman | | November 14, 2002

The Jacksonville Jaguars paid tribute to the United States military at their last home game, which fell on the Marine Corps' 227th birthday.

In the game the Jaguars defeated the Washington Redskins 26-7.

The Jaguars began the tribute with the pre-game show in which members of each service were represented both by personnel and by their colors.

A color guard of mixed services presented the colors while a Navy band played the National Anthem and military personnel unfurled a huge American flag on the field. Three jets did a flyover and fireworks filled the sky next to the stadium.

A few minutes later Jaxson DeVille jumped on a slide for life from one of the scoreboards to the 50 yard-line while wearing camouflage utilities.

During the game, the Jaguars fought in true Marine Corps fashion by obliterating the Redskins.

Though the 'Skins started strong, scoring their first and only touchdown in their opening drive, poor field position and solid playing by the Jags in all areas of the game - offense, defense and special teams, kept them from re-entering the game when the Jags got their momentum with their first touchdown.

An interception of a long Shane Matthews pass in the end zone helped keep the Jags defense alive and set up for Jaguars kicker Tim Seder kicked a field goal in the final seconds of the second quarter to give his team a 10-7 lead at the half.

During the halftime show the stadium lights were turned off and veterans and active duty military personnel were once again thanked for serving with a fireworks display that could have rivaled any Fourth of July celebration.

It seemed almost like a war zone, with thunderous 'cannons' blasting away, lights flashing everywhere, and by the time it was over, a thick haze of smoke hung over the stadium for a few minutes.

When the Jaguars took the field in the second half, it was over for the Redskins.

The Jaguars scored four field goals on ensuing drives and though the 'Skins defense held Taylor to minimal gains in the first half, they couldn't keep the leagues eighth leading rusher from amassing 65 yards and a touchdown in the second half.

The Jaguars snapped a four game losing streak to improve their standings to 4-5, just one game behind American Football Conference South division rivals the Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts. The Redskins also came out of the game with a 4-5 record after winning the previous two games. They are now in third place behind National Football Conference east foes, the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants.