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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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‘I wanted a challenge; a pride of belonging’

By Jennifer Parks Public Affairs Specialist | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | May 26, 2020


This is seventh in a series of articles highlighting Marines working aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

A native of Milledgeville, Georgia, Sgt. Shereka Slater, administrative specialist, Detachment Two Supply Company, started off her military career in the Marine Corps Reserves. The product of a small family in a small town, she is also the mother of a 2-year-old girl.

Her choice to become a Marine boiled down largely to the travel and career opportunities.

“I wanted a challenge; a pride of belonging,” Slater said. 

Slater became an active-duty Marine in 2015. She has invested eight years in the Corps, and is expecting to continue her current path.

“I want to make a career out of it,” she said. “I want to be a Marine Corps officer.”

Slater said she is applying at the earliest opportunity to Officer Candidates School at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia. She said she knows there are challenges involved in taking on such a leadership role, and that is what she wants.

“I want to aspire to inspire others,” the sergeant said.

Slater recently held a visible community service role by taking on the responsibility of being the coordinator for the Toys for Tots campaign that served southwest Georgia during the most recent holiday season.

“My biggest thing is seeing the difference you may make in other peoples’ lives,” she said. “It was an opportunity for me to open up and interact with people; it was a growth opportunity for me to get out of my shell.”

The sergeant said she is pursuing commissioning as a Marine Corps officer because she wants “to be the change.”

“I want the opportunity to make history in the Marine Corps,” she said.

Slater gets herself and her daughter ready in the morning, does her day job and finds time to work out and do family activities. She said the only challenging thing about being a Marine while having a child is that her daughter has to be left behind while she undergoes training.

Having a young life in her care motivates her to go harder and stronger, she said.

“I want her to have a better experience than I did growing up,” Slater said.

Slater graduated from a small community college. After finishing her basic training and her four-year contract, she did not to want to be sitting around. She said she wanted to continue to grow.

“I always wanted to be active duty,” she said.

Slater’s first duty station was in New Orleans, after being attached to the Reserve unit in Smyrna, Georgia. MCLB Albany is her second duty station.

Her “aspire to inspire” and “be the change” attitudes come from the drive to make a difference regardless of how or where she is serving.

“Everything is what you make about the experience,” Slater said. “I always stay positive.”

Apart from her daughter, she said her religion and mindset inspires her to succeed.

“I love to see other people succeed,” Slater said.

Giving back, through causes like Toys for Tots, ties into this same mindset.

“When it helps others, and makes a difference in their lives, it can make them want to be better people,” Slater said.