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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Securing Our Safety: MCPD officers stand vigilant at installation entry points

By Verda L. Parker | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | December 2, 2016


Editor’s Note: “Securing Our Safety” is the first in an ‘S.O.S.’ series highlighting Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany’s law enforcement and fire and rescue personnel charged with protecting and securing the base community.


Everyone requesting access to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany can expect to go through a number of rigorous security protocols before entry is granted.


Securing the safety of MCLB Albany’s personnel, residents and patrons is paramount to Marine Corps Police Department law enforcement officers and K-9 officers, who stand vigilant at the entry points to the installation around the clock, daily.


Lt. Victor Singleton, chief accident investigator/supervisor, Traffic Division, MCPD, MCLB Albany, commented on the importance of safety for base employees, residents and visitors here.


“We are the first line of defense for the installation,” Singleton said. “As the police department, our main concern is the safety of the base, hence we man the gates. During manning of the gates, it is our responsibility to make sure that nothing or no one, who could be a (potential) danger to this base, who could pose a safety concern to the installation or to persons working or living here, enters or leaves at any time.


“All gates are entry points to (MCLB Albany) and it is our responsibility to make sure that we head things off firsthand before they get on base,” he explained. “We utilize our officers as well as our canine units to maintain constant checks of vehicles and all persons entering and exiting.”


The implementation of the RapidGate system is one asset, which allows MCPD to vet motorists, including vendors and contractors, gaining access to the installation.


The RapidGate scanners provide "an additional layer of security" for base residents, personnel and patrons on the installation and went into full effect at MCLB Albany’s sentry checkpoints, May 1.


According to Singleton and MCLB Albany’s security policies, gate searches are necessary to make this installation the safest place to work, visit and live.