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The Navy and Marine Corps have exciting civilian employment opportunities for high school and college students, recent college graduates, and others who want to build new skills or change careers.

Access USAJobs to begin your job search.

You may also want to check with your school or college about established partnerships with local Navy and Marine Corps commands.

STEP offers paid temporary part-time or full-time positions for students enrolled full-time or part-time in high school, college, or vocational school. STEP positions are not necessarily related to your academic program or career goals. Part-time STEP positions can be coordinated with your school schedule. Full-time STEP positions often are available during the summer months for continuing students. Summer positions typically are posted on USAJobs beginning in March each year.

SCEP offers paid internship opportunities for students enrolled part-time or full-time in a 2-year or 4-year college program leading to a degree. SCEP provides work experience that is directly related to your academic program and career goals. SCEP positions integrate academic requirements and the work environment through a customized development plan approved by your academic institution. Upon graduation you may be eligible to be hired into a permanent civilian position.

The Department of the Navy offers apprenticeships—and the opportunity to gain licensing—to develop highly skilled civilian employees who perform a designated trade or craft, such as carpentry, welding, and scores of other occupations that are vital for reaching our mission objectives.


Civilian Human Resources Office SE
Staffing and Recruitment/Classification Section
814 Radford Boulevard, Suite 20319
Building 3010
Albany, Georgia 31704-0319
Phone 229-639-5232/5236/5273/5193/5274/5251
Fax: 229-639-5254
Staffing and Recruitment/Classification
  • Ms. Sherry Beamon, HR Assistant: 229-639-5232
Staffing and Recruitment/Classification Supervisor:
  • Ms. Donna Johnston: 229-639-5251
Staffing and Recruitment Section:
Staffing and Recruitment Specialists:
  • Ms. Lucinda Barnes: 229-639-5273
  • Mr. Darrick Calvin: 229-639-8727
  • Ms. Bridget Price: 229-639-8689
  • Ms. Brandalynn Lott: 229-639-9951
  • Ms. Cleopatra Lee: 229-639-5193
Classification Section:
Classification Specialist:
  • Mr. Jim Fleming: 229-639-5274
Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany