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Cpl. Peter Hernandez-fuentes, adjutant clerk, Marine Corps Logistics Command, dances with Lydia Olds, Spanish teacher, International Studies Elementary School, Albany, Ga., during the annual Unity Day celebration held recently on Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany. The event is held to educate individuals on diversity and celebrate differences.

Photo by Joycelyn Biggs

Diversity is celebrated during Unity Day event

9 May 2016 | Joycelyn Biggs Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Guests and employees enjoyed food, games, songs and poetry from a variety of eras and ethnicities recently on the installation. Base officials hosted Unity Day to celebrate differences in the workplace.

“We celebrate diversity because we recognize the strength in our differences, and how those differences make us better as a people and a nation,” Lt. Col. Nathaniel Robinson, executive officer, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, said.

Wil Santiago, deputy equal opportunity officer, MCLB Albany, added the event was held to also bring awareness to the diverse cultures found on the base.

Guests were treated to a wide array of information from different department representatives. Tents were scattered across the lawn housing agency representatives armed with a variety of pamphlets, displays and resources.

Shella Dockery, an invited guest, said it was her first time attending the event.

“I am enjoying seeing items from the different cultures,” she admitted.

Dockery deemed the food a huge success.  She was able to sample a variety of foods including churros, meat pies, turkey and dressing, and much more at the ethnic food tasting tent.

Julie Robbins, natural and cultural resources manager, Installation and Environment Division, MCLB Albany, displayed artifacts and replica Native American items found in southwest Georgia.   Robbins said her goal was to provide information on the early inhabitants of southwest Georgia.

Entertainment was also used as a teaching tool. Students from MCLB Albany’s Child Development Center sang and portrayed a diverse lineup of dignitaries, from former National Football League star Peyton Manning to first lady Michelle Obama.

Students from the International Studies Elementary Charter School, Albany, Georgia, also sang during the occasion. They performed two selections in Spanish.

The event drew a good crowd, with many attendees confirming they learned something new.

“We are attempting to shed light on our differences and ensure people understand and appreciate those differences,” Santiago said.  “If anyone can take a little bit of information out of this, we consider it a success.”


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