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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Meet and greet displays 'elements' of success

By Joycelyn Biggs | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | March 24, 2016


A meet and greet was held at Elements Coffee Company, Albany, Georgia, to offer newer spouses an opportunity to engage seasoned spouses of the base community, recently.

According to Paula Caserio, director, Marine Corps Family Team Building, Marine Corps Community Services, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, the event also offers opportunities to share resources and possibly create new friendships.

“We want to get them connected,” Caserio said of participants.

Shanekia Thomas, military spouse, MCLB Albany, revealed this was her first time attending.

“I hope to meet more people and obtain some useful information,” she said.

The attendees had ongoing and consistently changing conversations while jazz music played softly in the building. Discussions ranged from children to duty stations to the success of the scholarship auction held recently.

Another spouse, Danesha Aikens, spoke highly of the fundraiser and suggested Thomas should attend the event next year.

Cindy Grant, military spouse, MCLB Albany, additionally advised Thomas of her eligibility to apply for a grant provided from the proceeds gained from the auction.

Someone else added the deadline to apply for the scholarship was fast approaching. Collectively, Thomas gained enough data from the women to determine it was something she was interested in pursuing.

“That is what this is all about,” Caserio said. “If she had not come here today, she may not have gotten this information and missed that opportunity.”  

In addition to learning of available resources, Aikens said she regularly attends the meet and greets to enjoy the company of her fellow spouses.

“These type outings are great opportunities for military spouses to network and build camaraderie,” she said. “It is also a great chance for us to show newer spouses we embrace them and want to help in any way we can.”

For information concerning the next meet and greet, call Paula Caserio at 229-639-5767.