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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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MCLB Albany executive director helps students learn about American Revolution

By Pamela Jackson | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | November 24, 2015


Kent Morrison, executive director, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, spent part Nov. 19 helping fifth grade students at Deerfield-Windsor’s Lower School, Albany, Ga., learn about the American Revolution. 

“It is always a pleasure to work with the young students as they learn about our history,” Morrison said. “I thank the teachers for making history fun and engaging and allowing me to be a part of this.”

Cary Stoudenmire, lower school director, Deerfield-Windsor School, said the event was the celebration of Patriots Day for the school and a culmination of a nine-week study of American History and the Revolutionary War.

“During the nine-week period of instruction in social studies, the students completed activities in art, music, dance and today’s grand finale,” she said. “(The children) have each adopted a persona and were given a colonial name, decided who the father and occupation were and have written in journals from that person’s viewpoint. We involved people during the course of study from all over the community and Mr. Morrison was brought in for the finale.”

According to the website, www.valuesthroughhistory.org, the Why America is Free curriculum covers the extraordinary events, times and heroes of the American Revolution as well as the principles and values upon which the country was founded.

“Each student spent time writing to their fathers who were on the battlefield fighting with General Washington and really taking on the role of a colonial child,” Stoudenmire said. “This gives them a great opportunity to gain a perspective on history they could never get from a textbook.”