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Civilian-Marine closes chapter on 29-year career

By Verda L. Parker | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | September 22, 2015


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany officials bid farewell to a civilian-Marine who has devoted more than 29 years of her work career to several departments and branches aboard the installation.

Annette Williams, financial management analyst, Accounting Branch, MCLB Albany, was greeted by her friends, colleagues and base officials at a ceremony held in her honor in the Carson Conference Room, Coffman Hall, Sept. 22.

Col. James C. Carroll III, commanding officer, MCLB Albany, assisted by Kent Morrison, executive director, MCLB Albany, presented Williams with an American flag, which flew over Coffman Hall on her behalf as well as other certificates honoring her years of service to both MCLB Albany and Marine Corps Logistics Command.

“Thank you all for being here on this incredible occasion,” the commanding officer said. “I hate to say to bring to a close, but to celebrate 29 years of faithful and honorable service in the federal government. Ms. Williams, we want to thank you so very much for all you have done for us here, not only for the base but also on behalf of the leadership here at LOGCOM, Maj. Gen. (Craig) Crenshaw, Mr. (Michael) Madden and the entire staff over there.

“We also know that not only are you very active here but also in your church and in your community,” Carroll added. “Congratulations. We hate to see you leave, but we know that this is a celebration of your efforts and your 29 years of honorable service. You’ve been an awesome team member here. Just because you’re leaving, you’ll always be a part of the family here at MCLB Albany, so please come back to visit at any time.”

Williams’ supervisor, Patricia Cowling, financial management analyst, Comptroller Office, Accounting Branch, MCLB Albany, commented on her professional and personal relationship with the honoree.

“I have known Ms. Annette since 1988 and became her supervisor in the Comptroller Office, Accounting Branch in 2010,” Cowling said. “Under my supervision, she is dependable; meets deadlines; very responsible and reliable. She is very cooperative and works in harmony with others.

“Ms. Annette never met a stranger,” Cowling recalled. “She loves to talk, cook and (in a low voice) sings her hymns while working at her desk. Ms. Annette will be missed and will be carrying with her 29 years of what we refer to as ‘old knowledge.’

“Even though, I am Ms. Annette’s supervisor, I consider her as a friend,” Cowling continued. “She is a person who always puts God first. She won’t do anything if she is not sure about it; she will boldly tell you that she has to pray and talk with the Lord about it, no matter what it involves. I admire the way she loves spending time with her family, working with the community and her church.”

Other co-workers shared their work history, what they remembered most about Williams and what they will miss about her once she leaves the department.

“I have worked with Ms. Williams over 17 years,” Greg Barnetson, financial management analyst, Risk Evaluation and Analysis Branch, MCLB Albany, said. “She has been my mentor both professionally and personally; she has been a co-worker; she has been an angel, (watching) over me at times and she is like a second mother to me. I can tell her anything. She and I bounce different things/ideas off of each other.

“With Annette leaving, there will be a vast (amount) of knowledge that is going out of the door with her — 29 years, so you know the office will falter a little,” Barnetson admitted. “She has been instrumental in getting reports out for Accounting and mentoring me and different other people in the office. She will surely be missed.”

Jackie Jones, financial management analyst, Comptroller Officer, Accounting Branch, discussed her three-year work history with Williams.

“I have worked with Ms. Annette three years,” Jones recalled. “I would characterize Ms. Annette — as a co-worker — very knowledgeable; as a person, very straight forward. Coming from an Army background to a Marine Corps background, the terminology was very different for me; however, Ms. Annette was able to explain it to me where I was able to relate (to) it and she was very patient. She has notes from 10 years ago and she pulled some (of) them and made examples for me to where I could understand it. She was a great trainer; she was also my lead.

“Ms. Annette is like a second mother to me,” Jones added.  “She has been very inspirational to me; she always encouraged me; she was a mentor. She is well-known for her work in the community and in her church. At lot of people on the installation look up to her for guidance and inspiration. She will truly be missed.”

Williams offered parting words of encouragement and advice for her co-workers and friends.

“Just be grateful and be thankful; keep God in front and he'll do the rest,” she advised.  “Keep a positive attitude; maintain your faith and your respect. That is what I would like to leave with them.”