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Retired Marine Master GySgt. Randolph Scott, project administrator, Marine Corps Systems Command, displays his 2013 President’s Volunteer Service Award, while awaiting official presentation of his 2014 award. Scott, who has earned a total of six commendations from President Barak Obama, was nominated to receive the Registered Adult Volunteer of the Year Award by Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, Albany, Ga., recently. Each of the awards recognized Scott for his “outstanding” volunteer service to children, the community as well as to veteran service members.

Photo by Verda L. Parker

Retired Marine earns national, local volunteer commendations

31 Aug 2015 | Verda L. Parker Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

President Barak Obama and Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, Albany, Georgia, recently, recognized one  local volunteer for his continuous track record of rendering “outstanding” volunteer service to children, the community as well as to veteran service members.

While awaiting official presentation of his sixth President’s Volunteer Service Award, retired Marine Master GySgt. Randolph Scott learned that he had been nominated to receive the mayor’s Registered Adult Volunteer of the Year Award as well.

Scott, project administrator, Marine Corps Systems Command, Albany, has devoted 30-plus years of active-duty service to the Marine Corps, currently volunteers as the executive officer to the 2nd Battalion of Georgia’s Young Marines Program and has amassed countless years of service to the community and to visiting disabled veterans.

Scott discussed his role as the executive officer of the Young Marines Program; how he has received his many recommendations and nominations for volunteer service and the “honor” he feels when visiting fellow veteran service members over the years.

“As the executive officer (of the Young Marines), I maintain all the responsibilities over the (entire) battalion,” Scott said. “The 2nd Battalion is separated into units; we have a unit in Cairo (Georgia), one in Warner Robins (Georgia) and we have a unit in Augusta (Georgia). I have to manage all of those commanding officers for the Young Marines Program to run correctly with all the kids we have assigned to the 2nd Battalion of Georgia.”

“Every year SYSCOM and on some of the other bases, President Obama gives an award for volunteer services,” Scott said. “This year is my sixth award from President Obama for my volunteer hours. In an annual ceremony, someone in my chain of command presents a lapel pin and a letter from the president for my outstanding volunteer work in the community.”

The recipient commented on his most recent community service recognition from Mayor Hubbard.

“What Mr. (Nathaniel) Lowman did was a branch off of what President Obama did,” Scott pointed out. “From the President’s Volunteer Service Award, he made it known to the City of Albany the service that I performed and what we do here in Albany with the kids. Mr. Lowman presented the information to the mayor, recommending me for an award based on my community service with the Young Marines, the school system and to my helping some of the veterans.

“This is my first time receiving an award from the mayor,” he admitted. “I appreciate her taking the time to see what I do with the youth here in Albany and with the youth that we have affiliated with the Young Marines; for putting something together to show that she appreciates my work ethics with the kids here and for mentoring them. My main thing is to help the kids to keep them from going astray.”

“About once a quarter, I visit the Veteran’s Hospital in Dublin, Georgia,” Scott added. “I also take the Young Marines up there during the November timeframe, around Veterans Day. They visit and talk with the veterans and just relate to them. The base supports me for that by (providing) the bus transportation to take the Young Marines.

“When we go to Dublin, the veterans are so glad to see us taking the time to come up there and communicate with them, to sit around and listen to their stories,” he shared. “That’s the whole thing. Just having somebody there listening.

“The Young Marines is not all about trying to get the kids into the military,” Scott explained. “We are not a recruiting agency; we want to enlighten the kids that the military is an option and we just use that as a stepping stone. I appreciate the kids going up (to Dublin) and just spending their time. One day, I may be there and I would love to see some of the ones I’ve mentored come into my room and spend their time with me.”

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany