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Members of several local agencies and Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany officials participate in an active shooter/mass casualty webinar recently held aboard the installation.

Photo by Joycelyn Biggs

Webinar provides insight for first responders

27 Aug 2015 | Joycelyn Biggs Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Representatives from the City of Albany Fire and Police Departments, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Marine Corps Fire Department, Marine Corps Police Department, Phoebe Putney Hospital System and City of Sylvester’s Fire Department visited Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany recently to take part in an active shooter mass casualty webinar.

The different agency representatives came together to learn tactics, techniques and procedures used in California during an active shooting involving injured people.

Steve Dancer, emergency manager, MCLB Albany, revealed statistical data from previous active shooter incidents show there have been delays in getting injured victims the care needed.

“Our goal is to be able to pull our first responders in with the police officers to get those casualties out quicker with minimal distraction to the first responders attempting to eliminate the threat,” Dancer said. “Collaboration and training will lead to our success.”

“I was very impressed,” Eugene Anderson, assistant chief of training, Albany Fire Department, said of the webinar. “I think it is good if we can learn prior to an event and I believe this meeting has fostered that today.”

The webinar suggested the “first wave” of police officers’ primary goal is locate and neutralize the active shooter. A secondary team of medical personnel escorted by police is also dispatched to handle any victims. This procedure increases the probability of the threat being eliminated faster and decreasing the number of injured victims.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of past events to use as examples, Dancer said. “Fortunately, we are learning from those examples, which will equate saved lives.”

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