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Lightning strikes kill an average of 49 people in the U.S. each year with 21 deaths so far in 2015, according to the National Weather Service.

Photo by Lance Cpl. James Skelton

When lightning roars, go indoors

29 Jul 2015 | Joycelyn Biggs Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

On average, 49 people are killed in the United States by lightning each year, with 21 deaths so far in 2015, according to the National Weather Service. NWS warned strikes can occur 10 to 15 miles away from a storm and even in the absence of rain.

Although lightning strikes can happen any time of year, it is most prevalent during summer months, according to the NWS website.

“When lightning roars, go indoors,” is a simple rule from NWS to avoid becoming a casualty.

“Going inside is the best option,” Steven Dancer, installation emergency manager, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, explained. “However, if shelter is unavailable, seek the lowest ground possible and avoid tall trees.”

To prevent being caught outside, Dancer shared applications to keep people informed of severe weather conditions. For base employees, the ad hoc system is available. This tool informs employees of certain significant events such as severe weather via several different communication resources.

Base employees can simply access a government computer and click on the purple globe at the bottom of the screen. All other employees on the installation can be manually added to the notification system by the emergency operations center.

Other citizens can access the Dougherty County code red alerts at and click on "Code Red."

For additional information, or to be added to the ad hoc system, call Dancer at 229 639-5746.


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