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Civilian-Marines learn to lead: Marine Corps University provides leadership development

By Joycelyn Biggs | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | June 18, 2015


The Marine Corps grooms civilian employees to become effective leaders through the Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Program.

The program, offered by Lejeune Leadership Institute, Marine Corps University, has a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide leadership development and progressive educational opportunities.   

“Civilian-Marines are the continuity of the Marine Corps,” Constance Yelverton, LLI civilian leadership branch head, Marine Corps University, Quantico, Virginia, said. “It is imperative that we invest in their leadership development.”

“As employees move up in the federal system, they will need these critical and creative thinking skills to be successful leaders,” she added.

In order to provide this essential skill set, MCCLDP takes a four-tier approach.

Tier 1 consists of leadership development online courses. These courses provide independent leadership development studies on MarineNet. Once any course is completed, it is automatically notated in the defense civilian personnel data system of the employee.

Tier 2 promotes self-development and career progression through structured plans, processes and activities. To support this individual responsibility, the base has a human resources development strategic advisor who offers courses locally for civilians.

Tier 3 consists of the Civilian Leadership Development seminars managed by the Lejeune Leadership Institute. The seminars are three-day courses which stress individual leadership competencies.

Employees who have completed tier 1 can request endorsement to complete tier 4, Centrally Managed Courses for civilian leadership provided by the U.S. Graduate School. Only board-selected employees are granted the opportunity to complete this grade level specific program.

In addition to the MCCLDP, there are ongoing courses offered aboard installations to assist employees in sharpening a wide range of skills. The courses identify areas such as dealing with the generation gaps that may occur in office settings, becoming more assertive in the workplace and technical writing workshops, just to name a few.

Dennis D. Hall, development specialist supervisor, Civilian Workforce Development Division, MCLB Albany, said these classes are very useful in assisting employees in becoming well-rounded and effective leaders. 

The training provides the skills needed to lead in this environment, he noted.

“Employees are also more marketable and competitive after completing the coursework,” Hall said.

For more information on civilian developmental opportunities provided by the Marine Corps, contact Steven Spraggins, human resources strategic development advisor, Civilian Workforce Development Division, at (229) 639-5297. Information on leadership development offered by LLI can be accessed at www.mcu.usmc.mil/lleadership/mccld/SitePages/Home.aspx.