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Logo design by Donnie Baggs, command inspector general, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, wins the 2015 Safety and Health Excellence Conference.

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MCLB Albany employee’s ‘Safety Showtime’ logo wins competition showdown

25 Feb 2015 | Joycelyn Biggs Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

A Marine Corps Logistics Base employee has dominated the Volunteer Protection Program logo contest for three consecutive years.  Donnie Baggs, command inspector general, MCLB Albany, won first place in the competition for the 2015 Safety and Health Excellence Conference.

Baggs won for region IV, which covers Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.  This year’s win was for the conference to be held in Florida.     

His first win was for a conference held in Alabama, followed by South Carolina and North Carolina.                            

Baggs explained conference location plays a large role in the designs he submitted. Because the conference is being held in Florida, the sunshine state, he chose a sun as the dominate feature of his logo. He added the phrase Safety Showtime due to Orlando being the home of Universal Studios and because it is a safety conference. He said this is the strategy he will continue to use as long as the end result is a win.

“It made me really happy when I found out I won,” he said.

Baggs described logging onto the website one day and seeing his logo listed as the winner.

“I didn’t get a phone call or anything, so when I saw my entry I said ‘wow, I won again,’” he said.

Baggs emphasized most of his excitement in winning is the positive attention it brings to MCLB Albany.
“I love being able to represent this base in a positive manner,” he said.

In addition to the positive attention for the base, Baggs said with each win, he receives “really good prizes.”

 The win this year earned him a set of Beats headphones. He adds that to a Garmin global positioning system and two Kindle Fire tablets won for his previous successful entries.

 “I want to win at least once for every state in region IV,” Baggs said. “I’m going to keep competing until I win all eight, then I’ll stop.”

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