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Barber Shop offers customer-friendly experience

By Joycelyn Biggs | | August 14, 2014


Numerous patrons of American Clipper proclaim the experience is very different from other barbershops.

They agree the customer service is superior, the quality of service is great and prices are very competitive, outshining most barbershops in the local area.

The convenient location is also an appealing attribute to customers.

The shop is located in the Marine Corps Exchange and is open Mondays - Fridays from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Saturdays from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.; and closed Sundays. 

Sgt. Roderick Usher, unit diary clerk, Inspector-Instructor, Detachment 2, Supply Company, Combat Logistics Battalion-453, confirmed American Clipper is not like the barbershops out in town.  

“The barbers here understand you need to get in and out,” Usher said. “Out in town, barbers will stop cutting your hair to talk on the cell phone and take breaks while you are sitting in their chair.

 “They just have no sense of urgency,” he added. “The other thing is, they are actually good barbers.”

Corey Stephens, barber, American Clipper, cuts Usher’s hair and does a really good job, according to the unit diary clerk.

Stephens has been on the base for four years. He explained he has worked for barbershops in town, but prefers this location.

“It’s a totally different environment on the base,” Stephens said. “I don’t find too many negative folks out here and I love it.”

Henry Davis, barber, American Clipper, first arrived at the then-Barber Shop in 1968.

After working 33 years behind the chair, Davis retired to begin another career. A little more than a year ago, he returned.

 “When you love something, you really can’t just stay away from it,” he revealed. “I love doing this.”

Jennifer Rustin, manager, American Clipper, echoed those sentiments.

She conceded she enjoys what she does and is thankful to be able to do it in such a positive environment.

“I feel safer and the people seem to be nicer here,” she said.

In addition to providing barbering skills, Rustin manages the day-to-day operations of American Clipper.

When Terry Davis, assistant manager, American Clipper, began working here 24 years ago, it was to not to work in the barbershop, but a beauty shop. 

“Back then, they made sure to have a black and a white stylist available,” Davis said.

“The black stylist was leaving, so I was asked to come and take her place,” he added. 

After the beauty shop closed, Davis began working in the barbershop.

Davis said the most significant change over the years has been the prices.

“I remember when you could get service for around $3,” he said.

Beginning Aug. 1, prices increased for regulation and flat-top haircuts. A flat-top now costs $9.50 and a regulation cut  $9, a $1 increase for each. The cost for all other services will remain the same, however.

Even with the prices increasing, Gunnery Sgt. Shannon Fiedler, equipment acquisition specialist, Marine Corps Systems Command, said the prices are still competitive.

“From what I have seen, the new costs are still cheaper than out in town,” he said. 

For more information concerning American Clipper, call 229-432-9485.