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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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LOGCOM-Forward earns Military Unit Award

By Robin Berry | | August 14, 2014


Each year, the National Defense Transportation Association recognizes military units that accomplish outstanding service during operations in the field of transportation and logistics. 

In 2013, Marine Corps Logistics Command-Forward was the recipient of the NDTA Military Unit Award for executing and providing effective operational-level logistics support to Marine forces operating as Regional Command Southwest, across Helmand province, Afghanistan. 

The support provided by LOGCOM-Forward enhanced the Marine Corps Central Command Forces and supported overall mission readiness, according to the award summary.

During Operation Enduring Freedom, LOGCOM-Forward defined itself across the Department of Defense as the premiere forward deployed unit of logistical excellence.

This included conducting redeployment and retrograde in support of reset and reconstitution operations, known as R4.

The unit served as the Marine Corps’ enterprise-level gateway in receiving, processing, packaging, and redeploying assets from theater into the reset process that supports and allows Marine Corps’ service-level plans to reconstitute and reposture the force for tomorrow’s missions.

Displaying its core competencies in direct support of the R4 mission, LOGCOM-Forward processed (12,178) principal end items, totaling nearly 16,500 short tons of cargo, and valued at over $450 million; all done with a 99-percent transactional accuracy rate during this period, according to the summary.

The unit’s efficiency and continual drive for process improvements directly contributed to reducing what once was a 45-day retrograde process into a 35-day process, a 33-percent reduction in process time. 

The items managed encompassed 563 different table of authorized material control numbers to include: combat operations centers, armored combat excavators, mine resistant ambush protected vehicles and M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks. The coordination and impacts of these actions spanned the spectrum of tactical to strategic levels of operation. 

LOGCOM-Forward was a huge force multiplier for the Marine Corps Forces in OEF, according to the summary.

LOGCOM-Forward not only supported the R4 process, but also planned and coordinated the combat loss replacement of PEIs and leveraged support from Army Materiel Command on an in theater refurbish/refresh program to bring heavily used Marine Corps’ equipment back to a serviceable condition, thereby reducing costs of rotating equipment in and out of theater, the summary stated. 

Additionally, they continued a robust PEI rotation program to support the Regional command’s operational requirements. 

Maj. Keith Burgess, current operations officer, Operations Directorate, LOGCOM, reflected on his experience with LOGCOM-Forward and said, “As the former maintenance management officer for II MEF (Fwd) in 2011, the support we received from LOGCOM and LOGCOM-Forward was amazing and is one of the reasons I volunteered to come to LOGCOM in 2013.”