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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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MCCS director supports warfighter, military families

By Verda L. Parker | | August 7, 2014


When it comes to overseeing the day-to-day programs and services, which Marine Corps Community Services provides to the installation, Deborah Bouyer does not solely manage her responsibilities sitting at her desk; she also works behind the scenes, providing hands-on support to Marines, family members and to her team.

Bouyer, director, MCCS, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, has supported the command’s mission since 1989, first, as an accounting technician, under then-Morale, Welfare and Recreation Department.

Working her way through the ranks, in 2000, Bouyer became MCCS’s chief financial officer, managing and supervising personnel in budget, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, appropriated and non-appropriated funds branches for 12 years.

At some point, according to Bouyer, she became “dual-hatted,” as the CFO and deputy director for MCCS, and picked up additional support activities/departments and personnel.

After the retirement of her former supervisor, Bouyer was reassigned to her current position as director of MCCS.

In managing all of the various entities, services and programs involved in providing support to the warfighter and military families, Bouyer did not hesitate to state her primary mission.

“We are here solely for the Marines,” she pointed out. “That’s my love, that’s my passion – to serve them; to make sure that the Marines feel like they have a family away from home. When they come here, we provide the (Marine Corps) Exchange, the (Town and Country) Restaurant, all of our counseling programs, the Semper Fit Department – all those things that keep them and their quality of life intact - things that keep them ready.”

Kent Morrison, executive director, MCLB Albany, has been Bouyer’s supervisor since she assumed her role as MCCS director.

Morrison was also Bouyer’s supervisor in 2003 when she was CFO and he was then-director of MCCS.

According to Morrison, early on Bouyer “brought (him) up to speed” and enhanced his knowledge on managing the budget, understanding profit and loss statements as well as other MCCS finance-related issues.

“The first job I had when I left the Marine Corps (in 2003) was the director of the Marine Corps Community Services,” he recalled. “Deborah Bouyer was my chief financial officer; that was her billet. In her compassion, in her patience and (with) her wonderful spirit, she taught me the non-appropriated side of the house.”

Having come full circle as her supervisor a second time, Morrison characterized Bouyer in both his past and current work relationships with her.

“When the opportunity came and Mr. (Richard) French retired, we were able to move her right into the position,” he said. “For many reasons; she earned it and she had worked her way through the wickets of MCCS. She was the right person, with the right skills, the right compassion (and the right) desire.”

Bouyer’s supervisor could not say enough about his director, her knowledge, her skills and her being the perfect fit to manage MCCS’s programs and services.

“Deborah Bouyer possesses the technical skills to run MCCS,” Morrison said. “She understands the complexities, the business side and the non-appropriated balancing of MCCS. So, unequivocally, she’s a wonderful manager. On the other side, she possesses the desire, the heart and the compassion to be a good leader and to provide for those Marines and their families.

“It is her priority to do whatever it takes to provide and support the Marines, the Sailors and their families. She is doing (a) wonderful (job),” he said.

Allison Moore, finance officer, MCCS, recapped her 15-year work history with her director, 12 of which she has been under Bouyer’s supervision.

“I worked with her indirectly when I was a fund manager for Installation and Environmental Branch a couple of years before I came to work at MCCS in January 2002,” Moore remembered. “I have an awesome relationship with Deborah, not just from a working perspective, but a personal one as well, which makes coming to work an absolute pleasure.

“(Deborah) is all about taking care of people first, (whether) customers or employees and she has MCCS’s best interest at heart,” Moore continued. “Her style of management allows and empowers people to do their jobs and make important MCCS program decisions, while knowing she will always ‘have your back’ and (will) support you.

“Her 25-year career at MCLB Albany has been with MCCS,” Moore pointed out. “She has chosen to stay with this organization, not only because she loves what she does, but also because she truly believes in its people and what it stands for. Her compassion, honest and spiritual leadership style makes her (a perfect) supervisor. She is not only my supervisor, but my mentor and friend.”

Sharon Johnson, financial technician leader, MCCS, has worked with Bouyer for 15 years and did not hesitate to comment on the person, who has supervised her for the past 14 years.

“What an incredible working relationship we have,” Johnson shared. “(She’s) always willing to help, assist in any capacity needed. (She) will take the time to research an issue and (reach) a resolution for the betterment of the organization.”

“Deborah's character, professionally and personally, is unmistakably caring,” Johnson added. “She has such a humble spirit.  She’s willing to get her hands dirty, including cleaning tables and mopping floors wherever needed. She’s (always) there; a team player. Another thing about Deborah, she always has a conversation and a smile for everyone.”