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Weapons sets sights on Sons of Pitches

By Nathan L. Hanks Jr. | | July 10, 2014


Weapons dominated the Sons of Pitches, 21-2, in a makeup intramural softball game July 3 at Crouch Field, here. 

Coming off a loss to Old School, Weapons zeroed in on its opponent, scoring five runs in the first inning.

The oldest softball team in the base league, Weapons scored two more runs in the top of the second, increasing the lead, 7-0.

Unlike Weapons, Sons of Pitches assistant coach Brett Turano said the game started out very slow for his team. 

Sons of Pitches’ first homerun came in the bottom of the second inning from Robert Gourley, nicknamed Big Rob, making it 7-1.

In the bottom of the third, Sons of Pitches tried to gain their momentum, but could not.

Weapons took over in the third and continued their suppressive fire, adding four more runs.

Although down by 10 runs in the fourth inning, Sons of Pitches began to attempt their comeback; however, Nicholas Gilchrist, nicknamed Batman, would score the Sons of Pitches’ final run, making it 11-2.

Scoring one run in the fourth and an additional nine runs in the fifth, Weapons won the game, 21-2, after the umpire called the game due to the 10-run rule.

Turano said his team played a good game and fought hard but came up short. 

“We were playing well getting good outs and throws,” Turano said. “We were batting well and consistently (but) we had a breakdown in the fifth inning and that was where a lot of the runs were scored.”

Gene Pender, Weapons’ coach, said the Sons of Pitches is one of the younger teams in the league and has some good softball players.

“We had a strong defensive game and one of our better games,” Pender said. “It had to be because the previous game, the one we (lost), was our worst game of the season.”

Both teams said they are looking forward to the end of season tournament.

Turano said the game was practice for the real season, the end of season tournament.

“This was a warm-up game,” he said. “This was the first week that we have actually had 10 people on the field. We will have everyone out there during the playoffs and we will have our ‘A’ game on.”

Pender said any team could win the end of season tournament, but believes it will come down to Weapons, Hard Chargers and Paint Shop.

“I believe Weapons will take the championship,” Pender said.

The end of season tournament began Wednesday and will end July 17.

The double-elimination tournament will have the championship game at Crouch Field, July 17.