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Beat the heat: AMP-IT up

By Nathan L. Hanks Jr. | | June 26, 2014


Marines and civilian-Marines looking for an alternative to exercising in the Southwest Georgia heat can participate in the Aquatics Maximum Power-Intense Training program at the Base Pool aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

The program, offered Tuesdays from 6:30-7:15 a.m. at the Base Pool, is scheduled to end Sept. 1.

Elisabeth Allen, lifeguard and aquatic manager, Semper Fit, Marine Corps Community Services, MCLB Albany, said the program is geared toward service members, civilian-Marines and retirees, but not children.

“AMP-IT is an aquatic version of the (High Intensity Tactical Training) program,” she said. “It is a high-intensity, high-cardio, but low-impact workout.”

AMP-IT is a great program for the summertime and it offers an alternative to land-physical training, according to Allen.

“If the exercises are done in the deep end (of the pool), there is no impact,” she said. “(People) can run in the deep end (like they) would on land and not have the stress on their joints or knees.”

Attendees can use equipment such as water belts that can have up to 20 pounds of resistance when used in the pool, but on land the belts weigh very little, according to Allen.

“Because the water is a natural resistant, it’s going to be a workout no matter if you are working your upper or lower body using weights,” Allen said. “You are going to be tired after an AMP-IT workout but you will not be as sore as if you worked out at a gym.”

She said there are 16 AMP-IT instructors aboard the base who can check out a key for the pool and host their own PT sessions after recreational swimming is closed.

Allen has joined forces with Whitney Hendrix, AMP-IT instructor and fitness director, Semper Fit, who works at the Daniels Family Fitness Center, to provide a better workout routine.

According to Hendrix, AMP-IT is a total body workout in the pool.

“It is cardio in the pool,” she said. “You are going to work your chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps and triceps.”

For those who are hitting the fitness center or the HITT locker three to four days a week, this is a great program to add into their workout because they are still getting the resistance training, Hendrix added.

“You still can work out five days a week, but (doing AMP-IT) can almost be considered recovery day because you are still getting a great workout in,” she said.

According to Hendrix, AMP-IT is good for people who are on light duty or have injuries because it is conducted in the water.

“We can take your injures and work around them and you can still do the same exercises you would do at the Daniels Family Fitness Center or the HITT locker,” she said.

For more information, call 229-639-5246.