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LOGCOM holds semiannual weight loss challenge

By Robin Berry | | June 20, 2014


Marine Corps Logistics Command’s Installations, Environmental and Safety Office recently completed its first 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge for 2014. 

The semiannual competition, conducted from April 17 through May 16, was composed of 16 teams of four people, totaling 64 employees. 

Weekly, each team weighed in at the IE&S MicroFit lab where they received detailed printouts and instructions on their body composition, as well as advice on setting healthy weight loss goals. 

“It is a joy to work with everyone and watch their 30 day transformation,” Chris Shaw, safety specialist, IE&S, LOGCOM, said. “I am honored being the one who conducts the challenge and gets the pleasure of sharing in all the individual triumphs, as well as the overall growing wellness of the employees within the command.” 

First place went to team “Dynamic Divas,” with a total body fat loss of 13.4 percent. 

Robin Berry, program analyst, Organizational Development Office, LOGCOM, is a member of the Dynamic Divas team.

“My teammates and I were totally surprised when our team was announced the winners of the competition,” she said. “This win gives us even more motivation to continue with our transformation to healthier lives.”

“Employees are encouraged to utilize the nutritional and physical fitness resources aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base,” says Shaw.  “The Daniels Fitness Center staff offers excellent support to employees aboard the base.  As a result, many have totally transformed their daily routines when it comes to eating habits and physical activity.” 

Currently, there are more than 200 employees who actively use the MicroFit system to track their fitness levels, an increase of approximately 28 percent from 2013.

In addition to the Microfit system and the fitness room on the 1st floor of Building 3700, LOGCOM also offers quarterly Lunch and Learn sessions that include meal planning and sugar reduction, smoking cessation, diabetes management and active living. 

“The Health and Wellness program is a core function within LOGCOM,” Ken Sator, director IE&S, said. “This was the second 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge conducted and it was a great success. 

“All of the teams displayed great enthusiasm and supported each other as they modified their diets and exercise regimens,” he said. “We hope the program grows throughout the command to assist all LOGCOM personnel in their weight loss goals and to engage in a healthier life style.”