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Safety stand-down focuses on 101 Critical Days of Summer

By Robin Berry | | May 22, 2014


Marine Corps Logistics Command held its annual safety stand-down at Covella Pond, here, May 14.

 Employees were made aware of the various hazards that are associated with summer activities both on and off the job.  

According to Col. Yori Escalante, chief of staff, LOGCOM, events like the 101 Critical Days of Summer safety stand-down are important.

“They put the workforce in the right frame of mind to be prepared for the change of seasons, and, in this format, also make it much more hands-on, which in the end drives the point home, safety saves lives,” Escalante said. “If you ever have to make a decision, always do so on the side of safety.”

Ken Sator, director, Installation, Environmental and Safety Office, LOGCOM, said, “(the) 101 Critical Days of Summer safety stand-down is our second operational pause of 2014 as required by Headquarters Marine Corps.” 

The first operational pause was the Back in the Saddle training held in January.

“The event has always been successful at engaging our employees with summer safety at work and on the home front,” Sator said. “With that in mind, it is the mission of LOGCOM’s IE&S to ensure that our workforce is as healthy and as safe as possible at all times.”

The IE&S office of LOGCOM sponsored the event. 

101 Critical Days of Summer is marked by the Memorial Day weekend and runs through Labor Day every year. With the rise in temperature comes an increase in outdoor activities. 

Mandatory for all Marines and civilian-Marines, the event covered many recreational and off-duty topics including family barbeques, swimming, fishing, motorcycle/driver safety, hiking, boating and camping, just to name a few.

One of the hands-on demonstrations included the seat belt convincer, which allowed an individual to experience the feel of crashing into something at 10 miles per hour. 

Jackie Mitchell, branch chief, Legacy Sustainment Branch, Command, Control Communications and Computers Department, LOGCOM, took a turn on the convincer.

“The convincer reinforced the importance of wearing my seatbelt,” Mitchell said. “The seatbelt tightly secured me from the jolt, force and impact of the convincer.

“The convincer reminded me of my real life vehicle accident, where I was safely buckled and not injured,” he added. “So, each day enjoy a safe and secure driving experience by buckling up.”

Another demonstration included the vision impairment goggles, a prevention tool used to educate people about the dangers of drinking alcohol or taking drugs and getting behind the wheel of motorized vehicles. 

Vickie Barker, logistics management specialist, Weapons Systems Management Center, LOGCOM, tested the goggles.

“I had the experience of pretending to be under the influence of drugs,” Barker said. “I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs, but I had no idea the extent of danger that I put myself in being under the influence as well as the innocent victims on the roads. 

“My vision was so impaired I literally could not see,” she added. “I just wanted it to be over. I ran over every cone on the obstacle course. There is no way people who are under the influence of such should be on the road. 

“I say this to everyone, please, if you are not sold on changing your lives for yourself, change it for the innocent victims on the roads,” she continued. “I challenge each of you to try this test. It will change your life. It did for me.”

Working collaboratively with Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, the event has grown and become more successful each year.

Many of the MCLB Albany’s services were part of the educational activities including pool safety, athletic safety, driving safety and alcohol awareness. 

Several businesses and organizations from the City of Albany and surrounding communities contributed to educating employees by discussing the various safety aspects of their products or services. 

LOGCOM Employee Recognition Day Committee members provided drinks, snacks, and chicken sandwiches for those who were hungry and thirsty. Proceeds from the sales supported LOGCOM’s ERD event.