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CDC preschoolers entertain, honor moms

By Verda L. Parker | | May 15, 2014


Wall-to-wall spectators filled the Child Development Center’s classroom at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany for a Mother’s Day program and luncheon, which featured young scholars who entertained their parents with songs and other tributes, Friday.

Preschoolers greeted and ushered program participants, parents and guests into a room, which quickly filled with a capacity crowd awaiting the start of the scheduled Mother’s Day 2014 festivities.

Cameras, iPhones, iPads and other devices clicked and flashed in unison as parents photographed and videotaped their little ones as they paraded into the room, stood before their audience and performed an array of musical selections, which honored their mothers.

Melodies and animated gestures captured the attention of mothers, fathers and other attendees at the celebration, where more than 35 CDC students opened the program with several songs, counted in Spanish and presented a special skit.

The program culminated with a mouth-watering feast, which consisted of collard greens, black-eyed peas, dressing, cranberry sauce, grilled chicken, ribs, macaroni and cheese, rice, gravy, ox tails, peach cobbler, frosted lime cake and banana pudding.

Fathers in attendance were instructed to honor and serve the mothers by proceeding through the line, receiving two meals — one for him and one for the mother – and serving her at their table.

Some CDC teachers and staff shared their opinion of the purpose and significance of the celebration of the center’s parents, particularly the mothers.

“The purpose of the program today was to show parents’ appreciation,” Joann Prince, program assistant, CDC, Marine Corps Community Services, MCLB Albany, said. “In view of everything that we do every day, there are times we just need to pause and let our parents know that we appreciate how they (entrust) us with their children. It’s just us giving back to the families.”

Prince correlated parents’ appreciation, honoring mothers as well as the celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week at the center.

“(Today) is especially significant because not only are we honoring the mothers but also the fathers as well,” she added. “(We want) to let them know that (we appreciate) everything they do (every day), (because) sometimes mothers get overwhelmed with just being mothers; (it’s) just to take a time-out and say, ‘we love you,’ we acknowledge you and we appreciate you.”

Prince concluded, “Teacher’s appreciation is totally up to the parents – (a way) to show the teachers or (their child’s) caregivers how much they love and appreciate them for taking care of their babies.

“Most of the teachers (treat) these children as if they were their own,” she continued. “Believe it or not, the teachers invest a lot of time and money in preparing gifts for the mothers and the fathers on these special (occasions). (To show their appreciation to the teachers this week), a lot of the parents have been bringing in nice gifts – anything from gift baskets to gift cards.”

Another CDC staff member echoed and expressed her sentiment regarding the day’s activities as well as the importance of Teacher Appreciation Week and what it represents to her.

“I think this day is important to honor mothers for all that they do and all that we do to give back, to being a mother, to being a wife, to being a worker,” Trebla Bennett, behavioral specialist, CDC, MCCS, MCLB Albany, said. “I think we give so much back to our kids. And this is important to remind parents that our kids love them and in their way, (the kids) want to give back to (their parents.)”

Bennett also commented on the significance of what the Teacher Appreciation Week celebration means to her.

“I think that is so important, being a former teacher, that we celebrate teachers because they pour so much into the lives of our kids, that we set aside a little time just to say, ‘Thank you,’” Bennett emphasized. “So, I think that it is important to appreciate them for the little things that they do (and) to (tell) them, ‘A job well done,’ — just a pat on the back.”

The performance concluded when the group extended a Happy Mother’s Day message in sign language to their mothers.