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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Exemplary service earns LOGCOM commendation

By Verda L. Parker | | May 8, 2014


Marine Corps officials, personnel and invited guests gathered in front of the flag pole at Building 3700, May 6, to bear witness to the installation's newest recipient of a commendation, which was awarded for exceptional, meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service.

In a recent Secretary of the Navy citation, Gen. James F. Amos, commandant of the Marine Corps, awarded Marine Corps Logistics Command the Meritorious Unit Commendation for its sustained superior performance from August 2011 to January 2013.

LOGCOM was cited for its operational logistics support alongside combat forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan, particularly its efforts to return equipment to the U.S. as the number of Marine forces in theater decreased.

The commendation further stated that LOGCOM provided exemplary operations-level logistics capability and enterprise-level total lifecycle management

support to Marine Corps operating forces and logistics programs.

During the ceremony, Gen. John M. Paxton Jr., assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, recognized visiting city and county officials, and members of the Albany Chamber of Commerce and thanked them for their attendance and continued support of "all things United States Marine Corps and Marine Corps Logistics Command."

"Let me single out something that is very special about the Marine Corps," he said. "What is very special this morning is (Major) General (John) Broadmeadow extended an invitation to (Major) General (Charles) Hudson to come back and to be here as the former (commanding general) of Marine Corps Logistics Command and also as part of the backbone and the architecture for which this award is being presented. That's just an indication of fellowship, teamwork and team spirit."

After revisiting some historical facts regarding the 27th commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert H. Barrow, Paxton heralded him as one of the greatest fourth generation warfighters and quoted Barrow's philosophy.

"General Barrow was famous for saying, 'When the bullets start flying, amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics,'" Paxton reflected. "I set that as the stage so that you will understand the importance of today's recognition. The Marine Corps is famous and proud of our warfighting heritage. We could not be the warfighters we are and we could not do what we do for the nation without the logistics that go behind the gunfight."

Paxton linked his comments to LOGCOM's committed, dedicated efforts, which earned its members the award presented in Tuesday's ceremony.

"The recognition this morning is a Meritorious Unit Commendation," Paxton added. "Hard to earn, justifiably earned and well received at Marine Corps Logistics Command. It is for the many things that they did over an almost 24-month period. Marine Corps Logistics Command was an integral piece of making sure all of our equipment came out of Iraq and was properly reset, reconstituted and redistributed.”

Paxton thanked LOGCOM's leadership, both "uniform leadership, civilian leadership" for their service to the warfighter and Marines all around the world.

"Never (think) for one moment that we don't know who you are, how hard you work and how well you all weld together to make the Marine Corps the fighting institution that it is," he said. "I am incredibly proud, on behalf the 193,000 Marines and on behalf of the commandant, to be with you today at this most fitting recognition for the great things that you do quietly, steadfastly behind the scenes. You are indeed the professionals that General Barrow wants us all to be. Congratulations, Semper Fidelis."

The remainder of the ceremony was officiated by Maj. Gen. Charles L. Hudson, commanding general, Marine Corps Installations Pacific and commander, Marine Corps Base Camp Butler, Okinawa, Japan, former commanding general for LOGCOM.

Because Hudson was the commanding general during the unit's combination period of service, he was invited back to the command for the presentation of the citation.

After he had affixed the streamer to the unit's colors, Hudson remarked on the honor he felt to be invited back to the installation and back to the community.

"Ladies and gentleman, other distinguished guests, welcome to today's ceremony where we have the opportunity to honor Marine Corps Logistics Command, all 4,000 - plus Marines, uniformed and non-uniformed assigned to this command for the execution of their duties over about an 18-month period," Hudson said.

"It was very gracious of (Major) General Broadmeadow to allow me to come back in for this ceremony," he interjected. "It is really great to be back in Southwest Georgia with family and friends."

"You heard the citation and when (it) was read (it spoke) volumes for the efforts of every Marine - again, uniformed, non-uniformed inside this organization," Hudson emphasized. "Behind the very precise summary of action is a period of hard and dedicated work by every member of the command."

Hudson recognized Headquarters Marine Depot Maintenance Command; Blount Island Command, Jacksonville, Florida, and Marine Corps Logistics Command (Forward) as the three forces, whom supported the Marines and the warfighters worldwide. The service award earned LOGCOM the meritorious recognition and brought honor to its members from the secretary of the Navy.