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Marines to show face in casting call

By Joycelyn Biggs | | May 5, 2014


Three Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Marines will face off against their counterparts from around the Corps in a Marine Corps Recruiting Command casting call.

Master Sgt. Alejandra Medina, retail chief, Marine Corps Exchange; Sgt. Stephanie Bowens, postal clerk, Official Mailroom; and Cpl. Franklin Good, administrative specialist, Military Personnel Center; will travel to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Saturday, to attend the event.

The casting call is being held to identify qualified Marines of all ranks, military occupational specialties, ethnicities, gender and backgrounds, who will best represent the face of the Marine Corps to the nation, according to the announcement.

“We are looking for dozens of Marines to be featured in several different initiatives this year: a new television commercial, video and photo shoots across several installations, social media campaigns and community engagement events,” Capt. Wesley Jagoe, advertising operations officer, MCRC, said.

The announcement advised anyone interested should be in good standing with the Marine Corps.

It further stated potential candidates will be screened for any moral, legal, physical or other issues, which could bring discredit to the Marine Corps. 

Medina’s interest in the casting call was spurred by the social media and special events aspect of the initiative.

“I like to organize things and see them come together,” she said. “I hope if I am chosen I will be given an opportunity to be a part of helping to come up with special event ideas. I want be a part of bringing it all together.”

Although Medina’s interest is focused primarily in the social media and events arena, George Mettrick, retail director, Marine Corps Community Services, said Medina “is an exuberant, outgoing Marine who exhibits all the qualities required to represent Marine Corps values in print, commercials or social media.”

After reviewing the criteria for the casting call, Colie Young, public affairs officer, MCLB Albany, suggested Bowens.

“When our office was alerted of the casting call, the first person I thought of who could best represent this command and the Marine Corps as a whole, was Sergeant Bowens,” he said.

Young said Bowens has proven to be an exceptional orator and has always represented the Marine Corps in fine fashion. Bowens will make a significant impact on the officials making selections at the casting call, he commented.

Bowens expressed excitement about attending the casting call.

“To be able to be the face of the Marine Corps would be an honor,” she said. 

Bowens added she has an interest in modeling and has pursued that in addition to her career with the Marine Corps.

“To be able to merge both my career goals would be an awesome opportunity,” Bowens said.

Derek Thomas, head of military personnel, Military Personnel Center, MCLB Albany, suggested Good attend the casting call.

“The Marine is impeccable,” Thomas said. “He is the Marine of the Year, one of my top (noncommissioned officers) and a true professional who leads other Marines with confidence.”

Good shares Bowens’ desire to give modeling a try.

“I’ve always wanted to explore modeling, so when I found out about this casting call, I thought this was an opportunity I should take,” Good said.

   For additional information concerning the casting call, visit http://www.mcrc.marines.mil/casting.