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New exhibit center set to open

By Joycelyn Biggs | | April 18, 2014


The Natural and Cultural Resources Center will open on Monday, April 21, at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany giving people various opportunities to engage with nature.

The center will offer a walk through exhibit, art stations, which will allow children to draw while visiting the center, nature books, a reading corner, games and a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. 

“The purpose of the Natural and Cultural Resources Center is to provide a venue for visitors to learn about the natural and cultural resources present on MCLB Albany,” according to Julie Robbins, natural resources manager, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

One method to educate visitors will be through the items housed in the center, which relate to the animals, plants and cultural items that are indigenous to Southwest Georgia.  Guests will be exposed to engineering equipment and drafting materials used during the construction of the installation. 

Some displays in the center include a mounted doe seated on a bed of pine straw, several species of snakes and a bobcat flanking the top of a display case. Replicas of bows and arrows, footwear and “projectile points, also known as arrowheads” Robbins explained, are also on display in the center.  

In the future, photos and artwork of different subject matter such as butterflies or wildflowers will be available for guests to enjoy. The center will obtain those images by partnering with photography clubs, the Youth and Teen Center and local schools.

“The goal is for individuals working on MCLB Albany, their families, school groups and other visitors to have an opportunity to connect with the rich natural and cultural history of Southwest Georgia and MCLB Albany and inspire appreciation, understanding and conservation values.” Robbins said.

Outside the center, nature trails can be explored by nature enthusiasts. The center will provide guidebooks to those who prefer to explore the trail individually. However, guided tours will also be an option. Throughout the trails there will be an opportunity to learn interesting facts about the area from the signage, which will be displayed along the pathway.

The center will also provide visitors things like butterfly nets and bug cases for those who want them while walking the trails.

Robbins revealed the center will continue to expand after the initial opening. Eventually, there will be a pathway that travels from the center to the Indian Lake Boardwalk area.

Robbins said the facility will be a great option for parents to entertain their children for a few hours.

The Nature and Cultural Resources Center, building 9251B, is located near the Youth and Teen Center. The hours of operation will be Mondays - Fridays from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. For additional information, call 229-639-9946.