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Sailor of the Quarter wears many hats

By Joycelyn Biggs | | February 21, 2014


After emerging as the best among his peers, Petty Officer 3rd Class Emmanuel Melendez, radiology technician, Naval Branch Health Clinic Albany, was selected as the best of the best.

He won the Junior Sailor of the Quarter Award for the 4th quarter.

“I feel great about being selected,” Melendez said. “I always try to work hard and do my best. In addition to working in Radiology, I also work in supply as well as audiology. There was a need in those areas, so I just jumped in to help where I could.”

Melendez believes the many hats he wears in the clinic played a role in him being selected.

Although he was grateful to be selected to complete as Junior Sailor of the Quarter, Melendez admitted the process was very intense.

“They inspect your uniform and make sure everything is correct,” he said.  “They also ask questions. The questions can be about anything from our history to traditions. Anything at all related to the Navy.”

“Military bearing is a key element in being successful before the board,” Melendez continued..  “I didn’t know the answer to every question they asked, but when I didn’t know, I maintained my military bearing and didn’t lose my confidence. Knowing the answer will only get you so far. How you handle not knowing an answer is just as important as getting an answer correct.”

While many would be satisfied with winning Junior Sailor of the Quarter, Melendez has his sights on competing for Junior Sailor of the Year.

 “Anyone selected as Sailor of the Quarter twice within a year is automatically qualified to compete for Sailor of the Year. I don’t know if that will happen, but I plan to keep doing my very best,” he said.

Petty officer 2nd Class Bryan Nguyen, lead radiology technician, NBHC Albany attested to Melendez’ work ethic and hard work.

“He is a great sailor with a lot of initiative,” Nguyen said. “Melendez puts 100 percent effort in everything he does. He is just a really well-rounded person. He is not just a great sailor, but he is a great role model in the community. “He volunteers and coaches a little league soccer team here on base,” he said. “When he got here, he hit the ground running and has never stopped.”