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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Combined effort promotes small business event

By Robin Berry | | February 18, 2014


Marine Corps Logistics Command’s Small Business Program Office, along with the City of Albany, Dougherty County and Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center, hosted the Quarterly Coffee Break Series held in downtown Albany, Ga., Jan. 28. 

The event was designed to help small businesses network with small business specialists and acquisition professionals who are involved in any and all functions that support the purchase of supplies or services from local, state and federal agencies.

LOGCOM speakers included John P. McHugh, senior contracts attorney, Office of Counsel; Hattie Mosely, director, Small Business Program Office; and Sabrina Caldwell, head, Policy Branch, Contracts Department. 

“The event provided a great opportunity to interact with local small business owners and highlight the various statutes and regulations that govern Marine Corps Logistics Command’s communications with industry,” McHugh said. “As long as everyone plays by the applicable rules, we can generally have robust communications with our industry partners. 

“If industry better understands our needs, and conversely we at LOGCOM better understand the business challenges facing industry, it helps to ensure we are delivering the most cost efficient and innovative solutions to our warfighters,” he said.

One of the yearly goals of the Small Business Program Office is to participate in or host/cohost four outreach events with other local agencies that will benefit small businesses, according to Mosely.  

“I wanted to ensure that every small business that wishes to do business with the Marine Corps has the necessary knowledge about the program and the tools to successfully participate in our acquisition process, either as a prime contractor or a subcontractor,” she said. “These outreach events provide small businesses with information on how to do business with the federal government, and broaden and diversify business opportunities for LOGCOM, to provide products and services that best support our Marines.”

About 50 small and large business contractors attended the two-hour event, which also featured a question and answer session.

Topics included information on the small business programs used at LOGCOM and how LOGCOM purchases from small businesses.  Also discussed was the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System and Past Performance Information Retrieval System - Statistical Reporting.

“The CPAR is a web-enabled application used to assess a contractor’s performance, both positive and negative, and provides a “report card” on a given contract during a specified period of time. The system is designed with a series of checks-and-balances to facilitate the objective and consistent evaluation of contractor performance. Both government and contractor perspectives are captured on the form.

The Past Performance Information Retrieval System is the single, authorized application to retrieve contractor performance information for source selection decisions. The system is a web-enabled, enterprise application that provides timely and pertinent contractor past performance information to the Department of Defense and Federal acquisition community for use in making source selection decisions.

For more information on how to do business with LOGCOM, or the services offered by GTPAC, visit the website, www.logcom.usmc.mil/sbpo/sba.gov/, or contact the GTPAC representative Bridgett Bennett at 229-430-4189.