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LOGCOM’s IT deputy directorate retires

By Verda L. Parker | | January 23, 2014


In a capacity-filled room here recently, friends, family and colleagues gathered to extend well-wishes and accolades to a civilian employee, who has worked at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany and Marine Corps Logistics Command for nearly three and one-half decades.

Maj. Gen. John J. Broadmeadow, commanding general, LOGCOM, officially retired Archie Fowler Jan. 10, in the multi-purpose room, Building 3700.

Broadmeadow presented him with numerous awards including the American flag, a letter from President Barack Obama and a letter of appreciation from the Command, Control, Communications and Computers department.

Those who have worked with Fowler during his extensive career had nothing but good things to say as they described his character and their professional working experiences with him.

“I’ve known Archie for many years and have worked with him for seven years, since my career began here,” Kay Bracknell, department secretary, C4, LOGCOM, said.

“Archie is a dedicated Christian and hard worker,” Bracknell added. “He has never had an unkind word to say toward anyone. He’s a very special person and someone you can always depend upon. We will certainly miss him.”

Long-time friends and colleagues echoed Bracknell’s comments about Fowler’s demeanor and professional attributes.

“I have known Archie since 1979,” Debra Capers, retired supervisory information technology specialist, C4 Plans and Policy Branch, said. “We both worked in the same branch, but in different departments when we first came to Marine Corps logistics Base Albany.”

Capers characterized Fowler as having strong work ethics.

“He is so thorough and detailed,” Capers said.

She recalled the two were a good combination when they worked on a project together, because while she looked at some project details in a narrow scope, Fowler looked at it on a broader scale.

“Archie was mission oriented, but he was also people oriented,” Capers continued. “Although Archie had strong work ethics, he also took care of his people.”

Friend and colleague Jackie Mitchell, information technology supervisor, C4 department, software support division, LOGCOM, recalled his friendship and “long work history” and career with Fowler.

Mitchell, who also entered federal service under COOP, has worked with Fowler for 22 years. Fowler supervised Mitchell for the last five years. He characterizes Fowler in two words,” a dedicated professional.”

“Archie tutored me in understanding how the systems worked, the integration of those systems and what things needed to be done,” Mitchell said.

“With Archie, it was all about the mission,” Mitchell recalled. “Archie was very thorough and very dedicated, fair and equitable, but he was serious. He was one of those guys that you always knew where he stood.”

Fowler’s parents, siblings, wife and children were among the approximately 15 family members who were present at his retirement ceremony.

In his remarks, Fowler challenged and encouraged those in attendance to focus on the mission.

“Remember, it is all about the mission and in supporting the warfighter,” Fowler concluded.

Beginning his career at MCLB Albany as a cooperative education student, Archie B. Fowler has dedicated a combined total of 34 years, 9 months and 17 days in the information technology field on this installation.

After graduating high school, Fowler enrolled at Albany State College in 1976. Hired as a COOP student in 1978, Fowler worked as a GS-04 student trainee, computer specialist, in the Processing Branch of the Marine Corps Central Design and Program at MCLB Albany. 

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, in 1980, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in 1984 from Albany State College, Fowler’s career catapulted from there.

He was hired as a computer programmer, GS-05/07/09 and promoted to a GS-11 computer programmer analyst in the Base Support Branch of the MCCDPA Directorate.

Fowler was promoted to a GS-12 computer programmer analyst in the Depot Support Section, Base Support Branch, and temporarily promoted to GM-13 supervisory computer specialist as a branch head for the Technical Maintenance Support Branch of the Information Resource Management Directorate. He returned to his previous position as team lead for Data Management Systems Branch, Applications Systems Division, and IRMD. In 1996, Fowler was promoted to GS-13 supervisory computer specialist programmer/analyst in the Legacy System Branch, Department of Defense Systems Division and IRMD.

In 2002, Fowler was promoted to GS-14 supervisory information technology specialist as the deputy directorate of the Information Technology Department.