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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Marine Corps Logistics Command Health and Wellness Spotlight

By Christopher Shaw | | December 6, 2013


The Marine Corps Logistics Command has afforded its employees an opportunity to participate in a comprehensive health and wellness program.

Introduced to encourage overall wellness, the program is designed to improve the health, fitness and quality of life of the total force, including civilian-Marines. 

The command would like to recognize those who have shown exemplary efforts to participate in the health and wellness program. 

The recipient of this year’s Commanding General, MARCORLOGCOM Headquarters  Certificate of Achievement in Fitness is Dewayne Corbett of the Distribution Management Center.  

Based solely off data pulled from the online health and fitness tracking tool, the award is for Corbett having tracked more activity than any other participant in the program. 

His diligence and commitment to a healthy lifestyle is a staple of this program’s existence. 

To highlight some of Corbett’s accomplishments, he has lost a total weight of more than 30 pounds since January. 

“Being fully committed to a cross-training program and a healthy-eating regimen has enabled me to meet and exceed my goals, which have had huge benefits in all areas of my life, both personal and professional,” Corbett said. 

Corbett has consistently done at least 30 minutes of physical fitness training, five days a week for the past year.  

In addition to his weight loss, he has experienced an overall strength gain in many areas to include cleans, front squats, back squats and dead lifts. 

He has also been able to increase his cardiovascular abilities on the row machine in the 1,000 meter row from 6 minutes to a mere 4:24 seconds. 

To say he has worked hard is an understatement, but it is one that deserves the spotlight. 

“Dewayne is a motivated individual who holds us all accountable through his consistency,” a peer from his workout group at DMC said. 

His story is proof that hard work, good planning and a little bit of diligence can take a person to a whole new level of wellness.

For more information on MARCORLOGCOM’s health and wellness program, contact Christopher Shaw, command safety specialist, by sending him email at christopher.d.shaw@usmc.mil, or calling him at 229-639-7822.