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Marine Depot Maintenance Command continues to support warfighter

By Tom Hartman | | November 26, 2013


Editor’s note: Article and photo provided by Tom Hartman, site manager, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward).

Marine Depot Maintenance Command has been supporting the warfighter at II Marine Expeditionary Force Forward, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., for nearly seven years.

With more than 100 MDMC personnel located at the Camp Lejeune worksite, the mission of MDMC (Forward) is to provide II MEF with skill sets to perform corrosion repair, remain behind maintenance, battery reclamation, tire repair, hydraulic hose manufacturing and administrative storage operations for the units stationed aboard MCB Camp Lejeune; Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C.; MCAS New River, N.C. and MCAS Beaufort, S.C. 

In addition, MDMC (FWD) is also tasked with providing overflow maintenance support for 2d Maintenance Battalion and performing those special operations that fall within the skill sets and capabilities resident in the MDMC (FWD) and to obtain capabilities identified as required by appropriate MEF personnel.

In January 2007, II MEF at Camp Lejeune requested assistance from Marine Corps Logistics Command for the maintenance on Marine Corps ground combat equipment for units that were deploying to support the overseas contingencies throughout the world. 

This mission was spearheaded by a collaborative effort with II MEF G-4 and the MDMC. 

This support was initially preventive maintenance; however, within the first few weeks it turned into corrective maintenance as well. 

By the end of 2007, this program had evolved into multiple sites at MCAS Cherry Point, N.C., MCAS New River, N.C., and MCAS Beaufort, S.C. 

During 2011, II MEF assumed operations in Afghanistan and deployed more than a dozen units resulting in the MDMC workforce operating in 11 different motor pools at one time.

In August 2007, II MEF, seeing the MDMC as a force multiplier, asked MDMC to assume operations of the II MEF Tactical Tire Exchange Facility. This facility focuses on providing the units with a ready supply of pre-built wheel assemblies for direct exchange.  On an average, this facility produces 143 pre-built tires each month in support of II MEF units.

MDMC was asked, in October 2007, to assume operations of the II MEF Corrosion Repair Facility aboard Camp Lejeune.  This facility prepares, strips and repaints ground tactical equipment. 

When MDMC assumed operations of the facility, it was operating around the clock, six days a week, producing 45 items per month. 

Within the first three months of operations, MDMC produced more than 80 items a month, while it reduced the number of shifts and personnel.

In May 2010, Headquarters Battalion, 2D Marine Division, requested MDMC to provide oversight of a long-term storage program for equipment that they did not have the personnel to operate or properly maintain. 

MDMC personnel established the Administrative Storage Program, in July 2010, aboard Camp Lejeune with 182 vehicles from HQBNs Truck Company in a space provided by 2D MARDIV.

Since its inception, this program has gone from 182 assets to just under 1,200 items in storage from 14 different units aboard Camp Lejeune.  The equipment includes utilities, heavy equipment, motor transport, fuels and tool kits. 

The intent of the program is to give the commander an option when he/she lacks personnel to properly maintain his/her on hand equipment and allow him/her to balance the equipment to maintainer ratio resulting in a reduction of maintenance costs and providing a better maintained fleet of equipment.

II MEF, in the spring of 2011, requested that MDMC take a look at ways to reduce the waste stream of vehicle and radio batteries being processed for disposal aboard Camp Lejeune. 

In July 2011, MDMC opened the doors of the II MEF Battery Reclamation Program. This program takes all batteries that are turned into the Environmental Management Division for disposal and tests them to ensure they are waste. 

Any batteries that are determined to be in a condition that they can be reclaimed and recharged are pulled from the waste, reclaimed and issued to the units on a first come, first served basis free of charge.

Since the partnership began in 2007, MDMC has completed more than 11,000 preventive maintenance and more than 14,000 corrective maintenance services on II MEF equipment; built and issued more than 10,000 pre-built wheel assemblies, painted more than 4,000 items, stored more than 1,000 items of equipment for more than 24 months and processed nearly 9,000 batteries. 

Additionally, MDMC personnel have also been asked to complete other missions including, 1,400 - 400 AMP alternator upgrades, 533 motorized turret installations, organizational maintenance on nearly 300 pieces of reset equipment, 74 SIXCON fuel pump modifications, and provide subject matter experts for traveling teams and deployments into Kuwait and Afghanistan.

“Tom Hartman and his team do an excellent job in supporting II MEF Forward operations,” Sal DeMichael, forward branch manager, MDMC, said. “We’ve been there nearly seven years, and the much needed support grew from 10 employees to more than 200 in the past years.  Kudos goes out to you and your team.”

“In the time Marine Depot Maintenance Command personnel have been providing support to II Marine Expeditionary Force aboard Camp Lejeune, a partnership has been forged,” Tom Hartman, site manager, II MEF Forward, said. “(As) this relationship continues to grow, the Marine Depot Maintenance Command workforce (continues to) provide the flexibility to accomplish any mission and is seen as a force multiplier to daily operations of II Marine Expeditionary Force.”